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How Much Is Canada Visa Fee

Immigration to Canada is one of the most economically viable and inexpensive immigration processes in the world.

Likewise, obtaining an electronic travel authorization (eTA) for concerned foreigners is easy and not expensive.

So, this article will tell you how much the Canada visa fee is.

What You Need To Know About the Cost of a Visa for Canada

First of all, you should know that since March 31, 2016, the payment receipt form entitled “IMM 5401″ used to pay the processing fees to Canadian banks is no longer available. It is now a matter of paying your visa fees for Canada online.

You should also know that the Canadian federal government allows reimbursement of the costs of refused visa applications when the refusal is motivated by one of the following reasons:

  • The visa application file for Canada is incomplete.
  • The targeted program is complete.
  • The visa application for Canada was received before the opening of a program.

Meanwhile, it should be noted that the costs of collecting biometric data are not refundable regardless of the outcome of the request.

How Much Is Canada Visa Fee

The prices that will be communicated to you will be in Canadian dollars. So below are the Canada visa fees;

  • In the case of an electronic travel authorization (ETA), the costs for processing the file is 7 Canadian dollars.
  • To travel to Canada as part of an international experience, you will have to pay a participation fee of 150 Canadian dollars.
  • To obtain (or extend) a study permit, you will have to pay 150 Canadian dollars. Meanwhile, restoring your student status and obtaining a new permit will cost you $ 350 Canadian.
  • For a temporary residence permit, the fee is 200 Canadian dollars.
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The work permit gives rise to four different scenarios;

  • For an individual work permit (or an extension), the fee is 155 Canadian dollars per person.
  • For a work permit for a group of artists of three or more (or an extension), the fee is 465 Canadian dollars.
  • For holders of an open work permit, the price is 100 Canadian dollars.
  • To restore your status as a worker, you will have to pay 355 Canadian dollars, including 155 for obtaining a new Canadian work permit.

Finally, for obtaining a visitor’s visa, a super visa or for the extension of a stay in Canada, the fees are 100 Canadian dollars. Note that a family of five or more can benefit from a package of 500 Canadian dollars.

How Biometric Data Can Impact the Price of the Visa for Canada

If you are planning to travel to Canada for tourism only, you will not need to provide your biometrics.

Also, if you are a permanent resident of the United States of America and have a valid green card, you will not be asked to provide your biometrics to stay in Canada.

The case of students is special: for a study stay of 6 months or less, biometric data is not required. While for a study stay in Canada lasting more than 6 months or to work in Canada, biometric data is essential, otherwise, the application will be refused.

The biometrics fees cover both the cost of taking the fingerprints and the digital photo. They can also cover basic services offered by VACs such as file verification, assistance, sending applications to the visa office, delivery of passports and other documents as well as follow-up line of requests.

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Thus, biometric data has a cost in addition to that of the visa application. Below are the details;

  • Each person will have to pay 85 Canadian dollars to provide their biometric data.
  • A family of two or more can pay a fixed fee of 170 Canadian dollars to provide the biometric data of each of its members.

Finally, a group of performing artists of three or more will be able to benefit from a package of 255 Canadian dollars.


All the Canada visa fees have been shown in this article. So it is left for you to save enough money to avoid getting stranded.

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