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Past Questions and Answers

SS2 Second Term Literature In English Past Questions And Answers

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SS2 Second Term Literature In English Past Questions And Answers


20 SS2 Second Term Literature in English questions with options and answers:


Question: Who wrote the play “The Lion and the Jewel”?


A) Wole Soyinka

B) Ngũgĩ wa Thiong’o

C) Chinua Achebe

D) Athol Fugard

Answer: A) Wole Soyinka

Question: In the novel “Things Fall Apart,” what is Okonkwo’s tragic flaw?


A) Fear

B) Pride

C) Laziness

D) Generosity

Answer: B) Pride

Question: Who is the author of the poem “The Second Coming”?


A) W.B. Yeats

B) Langston Hughes

C) Emily Dickinson

D) Robert Frost

Answer: A) W.B. Yeats

Question: What literary term is defined as a figure of speech in which contradictory terms are combined?


A) Oxymoron

B) Hyperbole

C) Metaphor

D) Simile

Answer: A) Oxymoron

Question: In the play “Death and the King’s Horseman,” what ritual is at the center of the plot?


A) Harvest Festival

B) Coronation Ceremony

C) Sacrificial Ritual

D) Wedding Ceremony

Answer: C) Sacrificial Ritual

Question: Who is the central character in the novel “Purple Hibiscus”?


A) Kambili Achike

B) Eugene Achike

C) Amaka

D) Ifeoma

Answer: A) Kambili Achike

Question: Identify the literary device where a part is used to represent the whole or vice versa.


A) Metonymy

B) Synecdoche

C) Irony

D) Allegory

Answer: B) Synecdoche

Question: What is the main theme of the play “The Importance of Being Earnest”?


A) Social Justice

B) Satire on Victorian Society

C) Love and Betrayal

D) Tragedy and Redemption

Answer: B) Satire on Victorian Society

Question: Who wrote the novel “One Hundred Years of Solitude”?


A) Isabel Allende

B) Gabriel Garcia Marquez

C) Julio Cortázar

D) Mario Vargas Llosa

Answer: B) Gabriel Garcia Marquez

Question: In the play “A Raisin in the Sun,” what is the Younger family’s dream?


A) To travel the world

B) To buy a luxurious car

C) To own a house

D) To start a business

Answer: C) To own a house

Question: What is the primary theme of the novel “Cry, the Beloved Country” by Alan Paton?


A) Racial Injustice

B) Technological Progress

C) Environmental Conservation

D) Political Intrigue

Answer: A) Racial Injustice

Question: Who is the author of the play “The Glass Menagerie”?


A) Tennessee Williams

B) Arthur Miller

C) Eugene O’Neill

D) Lorraine Hansberry

Answer: A) Tennessee Williams

Question: What is the central message of Maya Angelou’s poem “Still I Rise”?


A) Celebration of Nature

B) Resilience and Empowerment

C) Romantic Love

D) Political Revolution

Answer: B) Resilience and Empowerment

Question: In the novel “Arrow of God,” what role does Ezeulu play in the Igbo community?


A) Priest

B) Warrior

C) Merchant

D) King

Answer: A) Priest

Question: Who is the protagonist in the novel “One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich”?


A) Ivan Denisovich

B) Alexander Solzhenitsyn

C) Stalin

D) Fyodor Dostoevsky

Answer: A) Ivan Denisovich

Question: Which literary term refers to the emotional atmosphere of a piece of writing?


A) Tone

B) Mood

C) Theme

D) Symbolism

Answer: B) Mood

Question: Who wrote the novel “The Sound of Waves”?


A) Yukio Mishima

B) Haruki Murakami

C) Kazuo Ishiguro

D) Banana Yoshimoto

Answer: A) Yukio Mishima

Question: What is the primary theme of the play “Oedipus Rex” by Sophocles?


A) Love and Betrayal

B) Fate and Free Will

C) Revenge and Justice

D) Power and Politics

Answer: B) Fate and Free Will

Question: In the novel “The Old Man and the Sea,” what is the old man’s name?


A) Santiago

B) Ernesto

C) Antonio

D) Pedro

Answer: A) Santiago

Question: What is the central theme of the poem “Dulce et DecorumEst” by Wilfred Owen?


A) Patriotism

B) Glory of War

C) Horrors of War

D) Love and Loss

Answer: C) Horrors of War.

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