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Settle in Canada as an Immigrant

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How Can I Settle in Canada?

Canada is a country to which millions of people around the world dream to move. The country has a good standard of living.

It is one of the states with the best social protection in the world, low crime and unemployment rates. Moreover, Canada is attracted to immigrants.

Thanks to the high quality of life and the excellent educational system in Canada. Hundreds of foreigners ask how they can settle in Canada and thereby go in search of several opportunities that the country has to offer.

So, our team has prepared this article with the steps you must follow to settle in Canada as soon as possible.

But before that, let’s look at the ways to move to Canada.

Ways to Move to Canada

There are several ways to move to Canada permanently and they are shown below;

  • Federal Professional Immigration Program.

The government of Canada attracts immigrants who have experience in their specialty, specialized education and who speak the state languages (English or French) fluently.

  • Provincial Immigration Programs for Professionals.

Canada is a federal state made up of provinces and territories. Regional governments can also conduct their own immigration policies to attract professionals.

In most cases, the requirements for language proficiency, education and age of immigrants programs are significantly lower than in the federal program.

  • Family Immigration Program.

To immigrate under this program, you need to have close relatives who are permanent residents or citizens of Canada.

  • Immigration through Education.

This program allows graduates of colleges or universities who have completed a full course of study in the country to obtain a residence permit in Canada.

After graduating from a college or university in Canada, a graduate can apply for an extension of the status of legal residence in the country and find a job in his specialty.

  • Immigration for the self-employed.
  • Business immigration to Canada.
  • Refugee immigration.

What Are The Steps To Settle In Canada?

  1. Choose a Visa

The first thing you should do before immigrating to Canada is choosing a visa. For this, you must be very clear about the purpose of your trip. Whether for study, work, tourist, among others.

  1. Choose a Course

In addition to selecting a visa to Canada, you must choose a course.

In the Canadian territory, foreign students have the possibility of taking intensive English courses, official exam preparation, technical courses and Bachelors.

  1. Process the Visa

At this point, surely you already know what course you want to take, but you are faced with the decision of having to choose the right visa to immigrate to Canada.

Like I said earlier, there are several visas that can help you settle in Canada. Each of them has unique procedures in obtaining them.

  1. Pack Suitcases

Do you already have your visa?

So, it is time to book a flight, pack your suitcase, say goodbye to your friends and family, and settle in Canada for the adventure of your life.

When you are packing your suitcase, take into account the time when you are going to travel and the weather so that you do not carry excess things.


At this point, you must have been clear on how you can settle in Canada. Therefore, it is left for you to select a path to follow.

You should only choose a path that will give you permanent resident in the country just like the ones that we have mentioned earlier.

So, we noticed that there are a lot of people online also searching for an answer to this question. You use the social share buttons to make it get to them.

Let us know what you think in the comment section below. Thanks.

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