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High Paying Jobs in USA

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The United States of America is a dream place for most foreigners around the world today. But, have you ever dreamt of getting a high paying job there.

Yes, that is why we have decided to come up with this article. So let’s get started.

High Paying Jobs That Require Specialized Degrees in USA

The following jobs require a strong academic background and specific specialization in the relevant fields of study.

Acquiring these degrees can take anywhere from 2-10 years of college study, but the career opportunities that open up are well worth the time and effort invested.

  1. Surgeon

This one is in the top three highest-paying jobs in the USA today!

With an annual income ranging from $ 150,000 to $ 205,000, the field of surgery offers so much more than money!

The respect that accompanies this profession and the feeling of immense satisfaction that is gotten from its ability to save human lives is unmatched by any other profession.

The profession of surgery is closely followed on the heels of that of physicians. Both are among the highest positions in the United States.

However, it takes hard work, excellent academic qualifications and years of training (10-15 years) to become a surgeon/physician.

  1. Airline Pilot

The career of an airline pilot is one in which only the sky is the limit!

For a pilot, the scope of flying is not limited to commercial aircraft alone. You can also fly helicopters, test captain aircraft, be an aviation director, grow dust, control air traffic and fly cargo planes!

The training period can range from 5-10 years and the average annual compensation adjusts somewhere between $ 132,000 and $ 135,000.

  1. Dentist

Giving someone a bright smile is as noble as a career choice.

With so many people wanting to go for dental procedures, such as smile correction, cosmetic dental procedures, and corrective dental alignment procedures. The ancient profession of dentistry is a growing career and well-paying one that promises financial success like never before!

Not surprisingly that it is one of the highest paying jobs in America right now!

The training time is about 8 years before independent professional practice and the average annual salary ranges between USD 90,000 and USD 133,000.

  1. Marketing/Sales Manager

Sales and marketing may be very difficult but is an interesting career field. Especially sales!

This course teaches you everything you need to know to survive in the urban jungle! It is one of 10 careers in the corporate sector. Strenuous work, in the field of innovations and creative client manipulation.

The average annual salary for a marketing/sales manager is between $ 80,000 and $ 100,000.

  1. Business Analyst

A business analyst is one of the most popular and highest-paying entry-level careers in the corporate sector.

Among high-paying jobs in the US, a business analyst takes care of business and operational process.

They tend to invent the most optimal ways of doing things, making maximum use of available resources in the shortest time and taking care to increase performance efficiency at the same time.

This is one of the best career opportunities in the field of business technology. Average annual compensation would come in somewhere between $ 72,000 and $ 85,000.

Other High Paying Jobs in USA

Many other jobs can be considered as high paying jobs such as air traffic controller, lawyer, anesthesiologist, actuary, financial analyst, insurance broker, etc.

Some other jobs in demand are: –

  • Software Engineering
  • Network Data Communication System
  • Podiatrist Analyst
  • Exact and Natural Sciences Manager
  • Database Administrator
  • Game Designers and Developers
  • Public Accountant
  • Education Administrators
  • Executive Director
  • Behaviour Disorder Counseling

High Paying Jobs That Do Not Require Specialized Degrees in USA

Surprisingly, some of the highest paying jobs today are those that do not require any professional degrees.

These include several easy jobs for college students that pay well. You can check them out below;

  • Trucking
  • Nuclear Reactor Operator
  • Air Traffic Controller
  • Gaming Manager
  • Fitness Trainer Freelance
  • Writer
  • Events
  • Manager Logistics Manager


These are some of the highest-paying jobs in America today.

Most of these high paying jobs are highly specialized and require candidates with technical degrees, but some pay well but do not require a specialization diploma.

Therefore, you are left to choose the one that suits you best.

You may share this article with your colleagues online who might also want to know the high paying jobs in the USA.

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