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Cut-Off Points For Law In Kenyan Universities

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Cut-Off Points for Law in Kenyan Universities

Studying law in Kenya is highly sought after and competitive. To secure admission, students need to meet the high cut-off points set by Kenyan universities.

In this blog article, we will discuss the cut-off points for law in Kenyan universities and provide tips to improve your chances of admission.

Cut-Off Points for Law in Kenyan Universities

The cut-off points for law programs in Kenyan universities can vary each year. However, they generally remain very high. For instance, the cut-off point for law at the University of Nairobi in 2022 was 42.348. This means that a minimum score of 42.348 out of 50 in the KCSE exams was required for admission to the LLB program.

Similarly, Kenyatta University had a cut-off point of 42.036 for law in 2022. This implies that a minimum score of 42.036 out of 50 in the KCSE exams was necessary for admission to their LLB program.

Tips to Improve Chances of Admission to Law School in Kenya

To increase your chances of admission to law school in Kenya, consider the following tips:

1. Score well in KCSE exams: Strive for a high score in the KCSE exams, as it significantly impacts your chances of admission.

2. Engage in extracurricular activities: Participate in activities related to law, such as volunteering at a legal aid clinic, joining the debate team, or participating in mock trials. This showcases your interest in the field.

3. Craft a strong personal statement: Write a compelling personal statement that conveys your passion for studying law and highlights your career aspirations.

4. Apply to multiple law schools: Broaden your options by applying to various law schools. This increases your chances of securing admission to at least one of them.


What are the other requirements for admission to law school in Kenya?
In addition to meeting the KCSE requirements, you must fulfill specific admission criteria set by each law school. It is essential to check the individual universities for their specific requirements.

What are the job prospects for law graduates in Kenya?
Law graduates in Kenya have excellent job prospects. The legal sector in Kenya is growing, and there is high demand for skilled lawyers. Graduates from Kenyan law schools are well-prepared for various legal careers, including law practice, government service, and non-profit work.

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