Duration of Bank Statement Do I Need to Show for Canada Visa Application



How Many Months of Bank Statement Do I Need to Show for Canada Visa Application?

Most of the time, whenever you are applying for a Canadian visa, you will need to meet some basic requirements.

Among these requirements is the number of months of bank statement.

Therefore this article will answer the question ‘how many months of bank statement do I need to show for Canada visa application’.

The Answer

You should have a bank statement which displays your transactions for the last 6 months.

These transactions may include; fixed deposit, foreign slips, occupational viability, and property purchase, among others.

Therefore, you need the last six months transactions of your bank statement for your Canada visa application.

Meanwhile, this is a particular requirement for the Canada tourist visa. So let’s see the financial requirements of Canada tourist visa below;

Financial Requirements

If you are going to support yourself financially, you must present the following;

  • Bank statements of the last 6 months of accounts in national or foreign banks
  • Authenticated photocopy of the last 2 income statements (if you declare).
  • Last statement of severance payments / last statement of a trust / authenticated photocopy of CDT (if applicable)
  • Last statement of voluntary pension fund; NO of mandatory pensions
  • Letter of savings balance in cooperatives, employee fund, etc. (if applicable)
  • If you have an approved bank loan for this purpose, present a copy of said letter.
  • Certificates of Tradition and Freedom of properties if you have them; In case you receive leases of real estate, you must attach the certificates of Freedom and Tradition of these assets
  • Photocopy vehicle ownership card if you have it.
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If you have one or more financial sponsors, they must present;

Certificates of Tradition and Freedom of properties if you have them.

If your sponsor will support you with documents from a company, they must present;

  • Letter of financial support on company stationery and signed by the Legal Representative or the majority shareholders.
  • Recent Chamber of Commerce Certificate
  • Authenticated photocopy of the last 2 income statements
  • Bank statements of the last 6 months of the company.

Other Requirements for the Canada Tourist Visa Application

  • Submit personally the duly completed and signed tourist visa application forms.
  • 3 passport size photographs white background 3.5 x 4.5cm, without earrings, without glasses, ears and visible forehead.
  • Passport with a minimum validity of six months and that exceeds the time of stay in Canada.
  • Birth certificate. If your sponsors are not your parents but close relatives, proof of relationship must be attached.
  • If your last passport still indicates a minority, but you are ALREADY of legal age, you must apply for a new passport.
  • Receipt of payment of consular costs for the visa,
  • Letter with a clear and detailed description of your reasons for visiting Canada. It must include a report of the travel itinerary, the names and addresses of the places where you will stay.
  • If you are traveling accompanied, indicate the names and updated addresses of the people who will accompany you.
  • If you are married, you must present an authenticated copy of your marriage civil registration and the employment letter of your spouse or economic/educational activity that you are currently carrying out.
  • If you are a military or police officer, you must attach the Official Military CV (Complete).
  • You must present an international medical assistance card for the total duration of your program and stay in Canada.
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