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SS3 Third Term IRS Past Questions And Answers

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SS3 Third Term IRS Past Questions And Answers


SS3 Third Term IRS (Islamic Religious Studies) questions with options and answers:


Question: In Islam, what is the term for the charitable giving required of all Muslims?


A) Zakat

B) Hajj

C) Sawm

D) Shahada

Answer: A) Zakat

Question: In Christianity, which sacrament involves the symbolic consumption of the body and blood of Jesus?


A) Baptism

B) Eucharist

C) Confirmation

D) Penance

Answer: B) Eucharist

Question: What is the significance of the Day of Arafat in Islam?


A) End of Ramadan

B) Hajj pilgrimage

C) Night of Ascension

D) Eid al-Adha

Answer: B) Hajj pilgrimage

Question: In Sikhism, what is the term for the recitation of passages from the Guru Granth Sahib?


A) Ardas

B) Kirtan

C) Langar

D) Simran

Answer: B) Kirtan

Question: In Buddhism, what is the concept of right conduct and ethical behavior?


A) Nirvana

B) Dharma

C) Karma

D) Samadhi

Answer: B) Dharma

Question: What is the Islamic practice of seeking forgiveness and mercy from Allah?


A) Tawhid

B) Istighfar

C) Taqwa

D) Iman

Answer: B) Istighfar

Question: In Hinduism, which epic narrates the story of Prince Rama and his quest to rescue his wife Sita?


A) Mahabharata

B) Ramayana

C) Bhagavad Gita

D) Upanishads

Answer: B) Ramayana

Question: What is the Christian season of preparation and anticipation before Christmas?


A) Lent

B) Advent

C) Pentecost

D) Easter

Answer: B) Advent

Question: In Zoroastrianism, what is the term for the divine spirit or essence?


A) Fravashi

B) Ahura Mazda

C) Amesha Spentas

D) Yazatas

Answer: B) Ahura Mazda

Question: What is the principle of self-discipline and avoiding excess in Jainism?


A) Ahimsa

B) Satya

C) Brahmacharya

D) Aparigraha

Answer: D) Aparigraha

Question: In Christianity, which event commemorates the resurrection of Jesus from the dead?


A) Good Friday

B) Maundy Thursday

C) Easter

D) Ascension Day

Answer: C) Easter

Question: What is the central theme of the Islamic festival of Eid al-Adha?


A) Breaking the fast

B) Pilgrimage to Mecca

C) Sacrifice and obedience

D) Night prayers

Answer: C) Sacrifice and obedience

Question: In Shinto, what is the term for the ritual purification of the body and mind?


A) Kami

B) Torii

C) Matsuri

D) Misogi

Answer: D) Misogi

Question: Which Hindu festival marks the triumph of good over evil and the victory of light over darkness?


A) Diwali

B) Navaratri

C) Dussehra

D) Makar Sankranti

Answer: C) Dussehra

Question: In Buddhism, what is the concept of mindfulness and awareness in meditation?


A) Zen

B) Vipassana

C) Koan

D) Tantra

Answer: B) Vipassana

Question: What is the term for the daily ritual prayers in Islam?


A) Zakat

B) Sawm

C) Salat

D) Hajj

Answer: C) Salat

Question: In Sikhism, which Guru compiled the Guru Granth Sahib?


A) Guru Nanak

B) Guru Angad

C) Guru Arjan

D) Guru Gobind Singh

Answer: C) Guru Arjan

Question: What is the Islamic month during which fasting from sunrise to sunset is observed?


A) Dhul-Hijjah

B) Shawwal

C) Ramadan

D) Safar

Answer: C) Ramadan

Question: In Jainism, what is the principle of non-violence and compassion towards all living beings?


A) Ahimsa

B) Satya

C) Aparigraha

D) Brahmacharya

Answer: A) Ahimsa

Question: Which Hindu god is often depicted as the supreme lord of dance and creation?


A) Shiva

B) Vishnu

C) Brahma

D) Krishna

Answer: A) Shiva.

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