Duration you Can Stay In Canada Without A Visa?



How Long Can I Stay In Canada Without A Visa?

According to the Government of Canada and the Department of Immigration Visa, most visitors entering Canada are allowed to stay for a maximum of six months, with only one passport.

To extend their stay, the visitor must apply for a visa 30 days before the departure date that was established when the visitor first entered Canada.

The immigration officer who is at the point of entry is authorized to designate a longer or shorter stay based on individual circumstances.

For example, if a visitor’s passport expires before six months, the visitor will be asked to leave early.

The actual departure date will be noted next to the entry stamp or on a separate document.

So, generally, you can stay in Canada without a visa for six months.

If you will be staying longer, then you should understand the procedures you must follow to enter the country and apply for a visa.

Make sure your passport is valid for the duration of your visit, and be prepared for any changes the immigration officer may require.

What are Passports?

Passports are legal documents that identify an individual and allow short periods of travel.

Passports allow people to travel outside of their country and re-enter the country upon return.

The Canadian government recommends that anyone who wants to travel outside the country for vacations or to visit the family should obtain a passport.

Passport Validity

Passports issued to children are valid for five years if the child is under 15 years of age. Passports issued to adults are valid for 10 years if the person is over 16.

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Renew a Passport

The Canadian government recommends that travelers renew their passports at least nine months before they expire, if possible.

Passports can be renewed by mail if they are in good condition (that they have been issued after the age of 16 and issued in your current name).

If the passport is not in your current name, legal documentation is required as proof of the name change.

Countries That Do Not Require Visas for People Who Have U.S. Passports

Travelling abroad with a US passport is still one of the best ways to see the world.

Many nations do not require tourists to have visas, although there may be different requirements for business travelers.

It is always best for Americans to inquire about the requirements for travelling abroad at the State Department of their country before starting the trip.

  • Europe

Most European nations do not require visas for people who have US passports. This includes all the nations of the European Union as well as the United Kingdom and Scandinavia.

  • The Former Soviet Union

Not all nations welcome Americans with open arms. Ukraine and the Baltic nations are among the few countries that made up the former Soviet Union that do not require a tourist or business visa. Georgia does not require visas for tourists.

  • Asia

Japan, South Korea, Singapore, the Philippines and Malaysia do not require visas. Thailand, French Polynesians, and many other South Pacific nations are open to tourists, although visas may be required for business visits.

  • Africa and the Middle East

South Africa, Morocco, Tunisia, Senegal, and the United Arab Emirates do not require visas, and neither does Israel. People who have a US passport and want to travel to other places need the proper documentation, in addition to vaccinations.

  • America
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Neither Canada nor Mexico requires visas. Before, Canada didn’t even ask for passports, but things changed.

South America and the Caribbean are unpredictable, but many places like the Cayman Islands, Ecuador, and Argentina are open to tourists.


You cannot stay longer than six months in Canada without a visa and that is only when you have a Canadian passport.

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