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Past Questions and Answers

SS3 First Term Fine Arts Past Questions And Answers

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SS3 First Term Fine Arts Past Questions And Answers


Here they are;


What is the primary purpose of shading in visual arts?

a) Adding color

b) Creating texture

c) Enhancing contrast

d) Defining shapes

Answer: c) Enhancing contrast


Which artistic technique involves creating a three-dimensional effect on a two-dimensional surface?

a) Pointillism

b) Perspective

c) Impasto

d) Cross-hatching

Answer: b) Perspective


What term is used to describe the arrangement and balance of visual elements in an artwork?

a) Composition

b) Contrast

c) Harmony

d) Saturation

Answer: a) Composition


In sculpture, what does the term “relief” refer to?

a) A free-standing sculpture

b) A sculpture with exaggerated proportions

c) A sculpture carved into a flat surface

d) A sculpture made of clay

Answer: c) A sculpture carved into a flat surface


Which color scheme involves using colors that are adjacent on the color wheel?

a) Analogous

b) Complementary

c) Monochromatic

d) Triadic

Answer: a) Analogous


What is the purpose of a color wheel in fine arts?

a) Mixing colors

b) Displaying primary colors only

c) Creating monochromatic art

d) Defining shapes

Answer: a) Mixing colors


Which art movement is known for its use of distorted and exaggerated forms, often with a surreal or dreamlike quality?

a) Cubism

b) Impressionism

c) Surrealism

d) Abstract Expressionism

Answer: c) Surrealism


What is the term for the technique of using small, distinct dots of color to create an image?

a) Sgraffito

b) Stippling

c) Glazing

d) Scumbling

Answer: b) Stippling


Which material is commonly used for traditional printmaking?

a) Acrylic

b) Linoleum

c) Plaster

d) Papier-mâché

Answer: b) Linoleum


What does the term “chiaroscuro” refer to in visual arts?

a) Bright, vivid colors

b) High contrast between light and shadow

c) Smooth blending of colors

d) Abstract shapes and forms

Answer: b) High contrast between light and shadow.

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