The Amount of Years Visa Does Canada Give?



How Many Years Visa Does Canada Give?

Before applying for a visa to Canada, you must familiarize yourself with the duration of stay for each specific type. Currently, permits to visit this country are issued for the following periods below;

  • Tourist Visa

It is issued for a period of up to 180 days and gives a full right to get acquainted with the culture of the country.

After six months, the tourist must leave the territory of Canada without fail.

  • Business Visa

The owner of the business species has the right to stay in Canadian territory for 10 years, subject to leave the country every 180 days.

The number of visits is not limited and depends only on the expiration of the passport.

  • Work Visa

The maximum validity of a work visa is 4 years. The following categories of foreign citizens are permitted to stay in Canada during this time:

  • Businessmen planning to open a private business.
  • University graduates who have obtained the legal right to work on Canadian territory.
  • Foreigners living in Canada have expressed a desire to find a job on their own.
  • Student Visa

Issued to people who plan to visit Canada for education. The validity of such a visa is 5 years, after which the foreign person must leave the territory of the country, or contact the consulate to obtain a visa of a different type.

  • Transit Visa

The duration of the transit visa has been reduced to a minimum and is only 48 hours. Typically, this is enough time to cross Canadian territory (for example, when travelling to the United States).

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Top Canadian Cities to Visit

If you are planning to travel to a place of contrasts where adventure, culture and nature merge, Canada is the right place.

Below we suggest which the best cities in Canada to visit are.

  • Ottawa

It is located on the banks of the Ontario River and whatever time of year you decide to visit it, the Canadian capital will not disappoint you.

This vibrant metropolis offers a large number of museums with the best works of art in the world and a whole collection with the most representative of its history.

One of its best attractions is Parliament Hill, the seat of the Federal Government of Canada.

In winter activities such as downhill skiing, snowshoeing or ice skating on the Rideau Canal can be enjoyed to the fullest at this time of year.

It has spacious and charming green areas for activities such as hiking, rafting, cycling, camping and even a huge tower for bungee jumping through hanging ropes.

  • Québec

The Francophone capital of Canada was founded in 1608, it is the oldest walled city in North America.

Its 18th-century historic centre, known as Vieux Québec – old Québec – has been a World Heritage Site since 1985.

Among its main attractions are the Notredame Cathedral, the Terrasse Dufferin, with wonderful views of the banks of the Saint Lawrence River, as well as the Place d’Armes and the Plains of Abraham.

From January to March, enjoy winter at the Ice Hotel theme hotel, north of the City, made entirely of ice.

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Feel the experience of sleeping on a bed made of frozen blocks and live a cold adventure in all its facilities.

  • Edmonton

As the capital of the province of Alberta, it has a great natural and urban wealth that combines to give rise to an extensive system of trails for a pleasant walking or cycling routes through more than 100 miles.

Among its main tourist attractions is Fort Edmonton Park, a living museum with a Fort and period streets that will tell you the story of the first settlers.

Its contemporary buildings (such as the Alberta Art Gallery and the Telus Science Museum) allow you to explore the highlights of culture, science and art.

Edmonton is also home to the Canadian Rodeo Final, the premier cowboy event held during November, as well as other prominent festivals.


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