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Past Questions and Answers

NECO Civic Education Past Questions And Answers (Objective and Theory)

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NECO Civic Education Past Questions And Answers (Objective and Theory)


Section A (Objective): Civic Education NECO Objectives


What is the primary purpose of the separation of powers in a democratic government?

a) Concentration of power

b) Checks and balances

c) Authoritarian rule

d) Centralized decision-making


Answer: b) Checks and balances


In a democratic society, what is the significance of the rule of law?

a) Arbitrary decisions

b) Equality before the law

c) Absolute monarchy

d) Excessive regulations


Answer: b) Equality before the law


Which fundamental human right ensures individuals are free to express their opinions without censorship?

a) Right to education

b) Right to freedom of speech

c) Right to privacy

d) Right to property


Answer: b) Right to freedom of speech


What role does the electoral system play in a democratic government?

a) Suppressing voters

b) Rigging elections

c) Facilitating fair representation

d) Monopolizing power


Answer: c) Facilitating fair representation


In civic education, what does the term “citizenship” refer to?

a) Alien status

b) Membership in a community

c) Political corruption

d) Exile


Answer: b) Membership in a community


How does civic participation contribute to a vibrant democracy?

a) Decreases political awareness

b) Weakens social cohesion

c) Enhances civic engagement

d) Promotes autocracy


Answer: c) Enhances civic engagement


What is the importance of civic responsibility in a democratic society?

a) Encourages lawlessness

b) Undermines civic virtue

c) Fosters active citizenship

d) Promotes dictatorship


Answer: c) Fosters active citizenship


What is the role of the judiciary in upholding justice in a democratic system?

a) Enforcing biased laws

b) Impeding legal processes

c) Ensuring fair adjudication

d) Promoting corruption


Answer: c) Ensuring fair adjudication


How does the media contribute to civic education?

a) Spreading misinformation

b) Suppressing freedom of speech

c) Promoting public awareness

d) Ignoring social issues


Answer: c) Promoting public awareness


What is the purpose of a constitution in a democratic state?

a) Empowering a single individual

b) Establishing a monarchy

c) Providing a framework for governance

d) Encouraging anarchy


Answer: c) Providing a framework for governance


What is the significance of local government in promoting grassroots development?

a) Centralized decision-making

b) Ignoring community needs

c) Facilitating community participation

d) Suppressing local initiatives


Answer: c) Facilitating community participation


In civic education, what does the term “political ideology” refer to?

a) Unchanging political beliefs

b) Absolute political neutrality

c) Dynamic political perspectives

d) Suppression of political discourse


Answer: c) Dynamic political perspectives


How does civic education contribute to the prevention of corruption in society?

a) Encouraging unethical behavior

b) Fostering transparency and accountability

c) Promoting authoritarianism

d) Disregarding legal frameworks


Answer: b) Fostering transparency and accountability


What role does civil society play in a democratic nation?

a) Restricting civic engagement

b) Suppressing individual rights

c) Enhancing civic participation

d) Advocating for dictatorship


Answer: c) Enhancing civic participation


How does civic education foster social cohesion and national unity?

a) Dividing communities

b) Promoting cultural biases

c) Encouraging mutual understanding

d) Ignoring diversity


Answer: c) Encouraging mutual understanding


Section B (Theory): Civic Education NECO Theory


Explain the concept of citizenship and its importance in a democratic society.


Discuss the role of civic education in shaping responsible and active citizens.


Analyze the impact of corruption on the stability of democratic institutions.


Explore the significance of civic participation in promoting social justice.


Describe the functions of local government in fostering community development within a democratic framework.

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