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Best MBBS Scholarships for International Students 2023

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Scholarships for International Medical Students: Fully Funded Opportunities for 2022-2023

Applications are currently open for the 2022-2023 MBBS Scholarships for International Students for the class of 2023.

These scholarships are available at top universities abroad, and there are also government scholarships that offer funding for pursuing MBBS. Given that medical scholarships can be quite expensive, we have compiled a list of fully funded scholarships for medical students. To apply, please submit your application online.

This post aims to provide information on a wide range of medical scholarships available to international students.

Additionally, you may explore other fully funded scholarships for the 2022-2023 academic year, some of which may also offer funding for medical courses or medical scholarships.

We have also included a list of the top MBBS scholarships for international students who wish to study in 2023.

Furthermore, we have included information on additional scholarships and countries that offer MBBS scholarships for students studying abroad. Notably, Taiwan is an excellent destination for medical studies and is offering Medical Scholarships for the 2023 academic year.

List of Countries Offering the Best MBBS Scholarships for International Students

This section provides a list of countries that offer a significant number of scholarships for MBBS students.

If you are searching for MD scholarships, this information will be helpful to you:
– United Kingdom (UK)
– Scotland
– China
– Singapore
– European Countries
– United States of America (USA)
– Turkey
– Japan
– United Arab Emirates (UAE)
– Taiwan

Knight-Hennessy Scholarship

Stanford University’s Knight-Hennessy Scholarship Program is currently accepting applications for the academic year 2023-24. This program offers 100 fully funded scholarships for both international students and U.S. citizens who wish to pursue a Master’s, Ph.D., MS, MBA, MFA, Medical, or Joint Degrees degree.

Applicants should note that the submission deadline is October 12, 2023. For additional details, please visit the program’s website.

Scotland Saltire Scholarship

Applications for the Scotland government scholarship are now open, including medical scholarships. This scholarship opportunity is open to students studying in fields such as Science, Technology, Creative Industries, Healthcare and Medical Sciences, and Renewable and Clean Energy. A total of 50 scholarships will be awarded.

IsDB Scholarship Program

The Islamic Development Bank Scholarship is an extensive program that includes medical scholarships and health scholarships.

It offers scholarships for undergraduate, master’s, Ph.D., and post-doctoral degrees in fields such as Medicine, Dentistry, Pharmacy, Nursing, Medical Laboratories, Microbiology, Public Health, Nutrition, Health Services Management, Bio-Medicine, Medical Technology, Veterinary, Chemistry, Biology, Biotechnology, and other related fields.

Further details about the program can be obtained by visiting the official website.

Ibne Sina Medical Scholarship Program in Turkey

The Ibne Sina Scholarship is a fully government-funded medical scholarship program in Turkey that provides opportunities for students at all levels of study.

This scholarship covers all fees and is available to international students from outside Turkey. The program includes undergraduate, master’s, Ph.D., post-doctorate, dental studies, nursing, and veterinary medicine.

To be eligible for the scholarship, students must be non-Turkish nationals, 21 years old, and have achieved a minimum of 90% marks in their previous undergraduate program.

Financial coverage includes a round-trip airfare ticket, accommodation, a stipend of 50,400 Turkish Lira, tuition fees, health expenses, and a Turkish language course.

MEXT Japanese Government Scholarship

The MEXT Research Scholarship offered by the Japanese Government is a notable scholarship program that includes health and medical scholarships.

Currently, applications are being accepted for undergraduate, master’s, and Ph.D. studies.

Harvard Medical School MBBS Scholarships

Harvard Medical School provides financial assistance to MD students who face difficulty in financing their studies and lack the necessary financial stability to cover the required funds.

For those interested in pursuing an internship in the medical field in Japan, the Japanese government also offers a fully funded internship program called the OIST Internship. This program lasts for two months and is highly recommended.

If you are interested in pursuing an MBBS degree, China offers numerous fully funded scholarships for MBBS students. You can apply for the Chinese Government Scholarship, which includes MD scholarships. We have compiled a list of approved scholarships for MBBS students in Chinese universities.

The universities listed below have been approved by the Ministry of Education in China for MBBS scholarships. The Chinese Government Scholarship provides various benefits to all scholarship recipients.

SINGA Scholarship Singapore

Singapore offers the SINGA scholarship program annually, granting scholarships in Biomedical Sciences. This program is sponsored by the Singaporean Government.

MBBS scholarship At Donghua University (DHU)

Donghua University (DHU) in China offers an MBBS scholarship as well. It is a distinguished institution that provides a wide range of academic options to international students worldwide. The university offers 29 doctoral programs, 70 master’s degree programs, and 58 undergraduate programs. Additionally, eligible applicants can apply for the prestigious “Shanghai Government Scholarship” to pursue studies at Donghua University.

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