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Past Questions and Answers

WAEC English Language Past Questions And Answers (Objective and Theory)

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WAEC English Language Past Questions And Answers (Objective and Theory)


Section A (Objective): English Language WAEC Questions


Question: Identify the grammatical category of the word in capital letters: The cat swiftly CLIMBED the tree.


A) Verb

B) Adjective

C) Adverb

D) Noun

Answer: A) Verb

Question: Choose the correct synonym for “Ponderous”:


A) Light

B) Heavy

C) Quick

D) Delicate

Answer: B) Heavy

Question: Which sentence is grammatically incorrect?


A) She had eaten before the movie started.

B) They was waiting for the bus.

C) He and his sister are coming to the party.

D) I cannot believe what I am seeing.

Answer: B) They was waiting for the bus.

Question: Identify the figure of speech in the sentence: “The stars danced in the night sky.”


A) Simile

B) Metaphor

C) Personification

D) Hyperbole

Answer: C) Personification

Question: Choose the appropriate conjunction to complete the sentence: “She wants to go to the party, ____ her parents won’t allow it.”


A) But

B) So

C) Or

D) Nor

Answer: D) Nor

Question: Select the correct spelling:


A) Accommodate

B) Acommodate

C) Accomodate

D) Acommadate

Answer: A) Accommodate

Question: Identify the antonym for “Voracious”:


A) Hungry

B) Indifferent

C) Greedy

D) Apathetic

Answer: B) Indifferent

Question: In the sentence, “The concert starts at 7 PM sharp,” what is the function of “sharp”?


A) Adjective

B) Adverb

C) Noun

D) Verb

Answer: B) Adverb

Question: Choose the correct sentence:


A) Me and my friend went to the beach.

B) My friend and I went to the beach.

C) Him and I are going to the movies.

D) She and he is studying for exams.

Answer: B) My friend and I went to the beach.

Question: Identify the type of sentence: “Open the window.”


A) Interrogative

B) Imperative

C) Declarative

D) Exclamatory

Answer: B) Imperative

Question: Choose the correct form of the verb: “She _____ to the store yesterday.”

A) Go

B) Goes

C) Gone

D) Went

Answer: D) Went

Question: What is the plural form of “Child”?

A) Childs

B) Childrens

C) Childes

D) Children

Answer: D) Children

Question: Identify the indirect object in the sentence: “She gave him a book.”

A) She

B) Gave

C) Him

D) Book

Answer: C) Him

Question: Choose the correct preposition: “She is allergic ____ cats.”

A) To

B) At

C) In

D) On

Answer: A) To

Question: What is the meaning of the idiom “Bite the bullet”?

A) Accept a difficult situation

B) Avoid confrontation

C) Complain loudly

D) Give up easily

Answer: A) Accept a difficult situation

Section B (Theory): English Language WAEC Questions


Question: Explain the importance of proper punctuation in written communication.


Answer: Proper punctuation enhances clarity and understanding in written communication. It helps convey the intended meaning, separates ideas, and ensures the text is grammatically correct.


Question: Discuss the role of figurative language in literature, citing examples.


Answer: Figurative language adds depth and imagery to literature. For instance, in Shakespeare’s “All the world’s a stage,” metaphor paints life as a theatrical performance, offering a vivid perspective.


Question: Analyze the impact of technology on language use in contemporary society.


Answer: Technology has altered language dynamics with abbreviations and emojis, influencing communication efficiency. However, concerns arise regarding the potential loss of linguistic richness.


Question: Elaborate on the significance of strong vocabulary in effective writing.


Answer: A robust vocabulary enriches expression, enabling writers to articulate ideas precisely. It also captivates readers, elevating the overall quality of written pieces.


Question: Describe the elements that contribute to creating a compelling narrative in storytelling.


Answer: Elements like plot development, well-defined characters, vivid descriptions, and a coherent structure contribute to crafting a captivating narrative that engages readers.

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