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Secondary School Lesson Notes and Scheme of Work

SS3 Third Term Wood Work Lesson Note and Scheme of Work

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SS3 Third Term Wood Work Lesson Note and Scheme of Work


Wood Work Lesson Note and Scheme of Work for SS3 Third Term


Week 1: Advanced Furniture Design


Lesson Note: Exploring advanced principles of furniture design, including proportion, balance, and aesthetics.

Activities: Analyze examples of furniture designs from different periods and styles. Assign a project where students design and create their own original furniture piece, incorporating advanced design concepts.

Week 2: Specialized Woodworking Techniques II


Lesson Note: Building on previous specialized woodworking lessons, introduce additional advanced techniques such as marquetry, turning, and carving.

Activities: Provide demonstrations and hands-on practice sessions for each specialized technique. Encourage students to experiment with combining different techniques to create unique and intricate woodwork pieces.

Week 3: Woodworking for Interior Design


Lesson Note: Exploring the role of woodworking in interior design and architectural applications.

Activities: Discuss how woodworking elements such as trim, molding, paneling, and built-in furniture contribute to interior spaces. Assign a project where students design and present a concept for integrating woodworking elements into a specific interior space.

Week 4: Advanced Woodworking Machinery


Lesson Note: Delving deeper into the operation and applications of advanced woodworking machinery and technology.

Activities: Provide hands-on training on advanced woodworking machinery such as CNC routers, laser cutters, and automated saws. Assign projects where students use these machines to create intricate woodwork pieces with precision and efficiency.

Week 5: Sustainable Woodworking Practices II


Lesson Note: Continuing the discussion on environmental sustainability in woodworking, with a focus on recycling, upcycling, and waste reduction.

Activities: Explore innovative ways to repurpose wood scraps and reclaimed materials in woodworking projects. Assign a project where students design and create a functional woodwork piece using recycled or upcycled materials.

Week 6: Advanced Wood Finishing Techniques


Lesson Note: Exploring advanced wood finishing techniques such as French polishing, hand-rubbed finishes, and specialized coatings.

Activities: Provide demonstrations and hands-on practice sessions for each advanced finishing technique. Discuss how different finishes affect the appearance, texture, and durability of wood surfaces.

Week 7: Woodworking Masterclass


Lesson Note: Inviting guest speakers or industry professionals to share their expertise and insights in woodworking.

Activities: Organize workshops, demonstrations, or field trips to woodworking studios, galleries, or manufacturing facilities. Encourage students to interact with professionals and learn from their experiences.

Week 8: Woodworking Portfolio Development


Lesson Note: Guiding students in compiling a portfolio of their woodworking projects and achievements.

Activities: Review and critique students’ past projects, offering constructive feedback for improvement. Assist students in documenting their work through photographs, sketches, and written descriptions for inclusion in their portfolios.

Week 9: Entrepreneurship in Woodworking II


Lesson Note: Building on previous entrepreneurship lessons, focus on developing business plans and marketing strategies for woodworking ventures.

Activities: Guide students in refining their woodworking business ideas and drafting comprehensive business plans. Discuss effective marketing channels, pricing strategies, and sales techniques for woodworking products and services.

Week 10: Advanced Woodworking Project II


Lesson Note: Allowing students to work on a challenging woodworking project of their choice, showcasing their skills and creativity.

Activities: Provide individualized support and guidance as students plan and execute their advanced projects. Emphasize attention to detail, craftsmanship, and originality in their work.

Week 11: Revision Week


Lesson Note: Reviewing key concepts and techniques covered throughout the term in preparation for the upcoming examination.

Activities: Conduct review sessions where students can review their notes, ask questions, and practice exam-style questions. Provide guidance on exam preparation strategies and time management.

Week 12: Examination Week


Lesson Note: Administering the end-of-term examination to assess students’ understanding of advanced woodworking concepts and skills.

Activities: Conduct written and practical examinations covering various aspects of woodworking taught during the term. Provide a supportive and encouraging environment for students during the exam period.

Week 13: Graduation and Farewell


Lesson Note: Celebrating students’ accomplishments in woodworking and bidding farewell as they prepare to embark on their next journey.

Activities: Organize a graduation ceremony or showcase event where students display their woodworking projects and portfolios.

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