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Secondary School Lesson Notes and Scheme of Work

SS3 Third Term Typewriting Lesson Note and Scheme of Work

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SS3 Third Term Typewriting Lesson Note and Scheme of Work


Third Term: Week 1- Introduction to Advanced Typing Tools


Lesson Note:


Explore advanced typing tools and software.

Introduce students to features like autocorrect and spell check.

Teach the use of keyboard shortcuts for efficiency.

Assign tasks involving the application of advanced tools.

Scheme of Work:


Day 1: Advanced Typing Tools Overview

Day 2: Autocorrect and Spell Check

Day 3: Efficiency with Keyboard Shortcuts

Day 4: Practical Application Tasks

Day 5: Peer Demonstration of Advanced Tools

Week 2- Legal and Medical Typing Practices


Lesson Note:


Discuss the importance of accuracy in legal and medical typing.

Introduce legal and medical terminology.

Teach specific formatting requirements for legal and medical documents.

Assign tasks involving the typing of legal and medical texts.

Scheme of Work:


Day 1: Accuracy in Legal and Medical Typing

Day 2: Introduction to Legal and Medical Terminology

Day 3: Formatting Requirements in Legal Documents

Day 4: Formatting Requirements in Medical Documents

Day 5: Typing Legal and Medical Texts

Week 3- Collaborative Typing Projects


Lesson Note:


Emphasize the importance of collaboration in a workplace setting.

Introduce collaborative typing tools and platforms.

Assign group projects requiring collaborative typing.

Discuss the challenges and benefits of collaborative typing.

Scheme of Work:


Day 1: Importance of Collaboration

Day 2: Collaborative Typing Tools

Day 3: Group Project Introduction

Day 4: Collaborative Typing Challenges

Day 5: Presentation of Collaborative Projects

Week 4- Finalizing Typing Skills


Lesson Note:


Review all typing skills learned throughout the year.

Conduct comprehensive typing assessments.

Provide individual feedback and improvement plans.

Discuss the real-world applications of typing skills.

Scheme of Work:


Day 1: Review of Typing Skills

Day 2: Comprehensive Typing Assessments

Day 3: Individual Feedback Sessions

Day 4: Typing Improvement Plans

Day 5: Real-World Applications Discussion

Week 5- Typing Marathon and Graduation


Lesson Note:


Organize a typing marathon event for students.

Celebrate students’ achievements throughout the year.

Award certificates to acknowledge typing proficiency.

Discuss the importance of continued practice.

Scheme of Work:


Day 1: Typing Marathon Event

Day 2: Celebration of Achievements

Day 3: Certificate Awards

Day 4: Reflection on Typing Journey

Day 5: Encouragement for Continued Practice.

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