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Secondary School Lesson Notes and Scheme of Work

SS3 Third Term Tourism Lesson Note and Scheme of Work

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SS3 Third Term Tourism Lesson Note and Scheme of Work


Third Term: Tourism Education – SS3


Week 1: Introduction to Specialized Tourism

Lesson Note:


Explore specialized areas of tourism (medical tourism, sports tourism, etc.).

Discuss the unique features and challenges of each specialized tourism type.

Activities: Research and presentation on a chosen specialized tourism type.

Scheme of Work:


Overview of Specialized Tourism

Features and Challenges

Week 2: Tourism and Technology Advancements

Lesson Note:


Examine the role of technology advancements in shaping the future of tourism.

Discuss virtual reality, augmented reality, and other tech trends.

Activities: Virtual tour using advanced technologies.

Scheme of Work:


Impact of Technology Advancements

Virtual and Augmented Reality in Tourism

Week 3: Destination Marketing and Branding

Lesson Note:


Explore effective destination marketing strategies.

Discuss the importance of branding for tourist destinations.

Activities: Create a marketing campaign for a chosen destination.

Scheme of Work:


Destination Marketing

Importance of Branding in Tourism

Week 4: Tourism Legislation and Regulation

Lesson Note:


Discuss the legal aspects of the tourism industry.

Explore regulations governing tourism activities.

Activities: Role-play scenarios to understand legal implications.

Scheme of Work:


Legal Aspects of Tourism

Regulations in Tourism

Week 5: Community Involvement in Tourism

Lesson Note:


Examine the importance of community engagement in sustainable tourism.

Discuss community-based tourism initiatives.

Activities: Guest speaker session from a community tourism expert.

Scheme of Work:


Importance of Community Involvement

Community-Based Tourism Initiatives

Week 6: Crisis Management in Tourism

Lesson Note:


Discuss strategies for handling crises in the tourism industry.

Explore case studies of successful crisis management.

Activities: Develop a crisis management plan for a fictional tourist destination.

Scheme of Work:


Strategies for Crisis Management

Case Studies

Week 7: Emerging Trends in Tourism

Lesson Note:


Explore current and future trends in the tourism industry.

Discuss the impact of socio-cultural changes on tourism trends.

Activities: Group discussion on predicting future tourism trends.

Scheme of Work:


Current Trends in Tourism

Future Predictions

Week 8: Sustainable Tourism Development

Lesson Note:


Delve deeper into sustainable tourism practices.

Discuss the role of ecotourism in sustainable development.

Activities: Group project on creating a sustainable tourism development plan.

Scheme of Work:


Sustainable Tourism Practices

Role of Ecotourism

Week 9: Tourism Research and Innovation

Lesson Note:


Introduce students to research methodologies in the field of tourism.

Discuss the importance of innovation in the tourism sector.

Activities: Conduct a small-scale research project on a tourism-related topic.

Scheme of Work:


Research Methodologies in Tourism

Importance of Innovation

Week 10: International Tourism Organizations

Lesson Note:


Explore the role of international organizations in shaping global tourism.

Discuss the functions of organizations like UNWTO.

Activities: Model UNWTO meeting simulation.

Scheme of Work:


International Organizations in Tourism

Functions of UNWTO

Week 11: Revision Week


Week 12: Examination Week


Week 13: Graduation and Farewell



Celebration of successful completion of the Tourism Education program.

Farewell speeches and acknowledgments.

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