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Secondary School Lesson Notes and Scheme of Work

SS3 Third Term CRK Lesson Note and Scheme of Work

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SS3 Third Term CRK Lesson Note and Scheme of Work


Third Term: Christian Religion Knowledge (CRK) Lesson Note and Scheme of Work


Week 1-2: Christian Missions and Global Outreach

Lesson Note:


Explore the history of Christian missions beyond local boundaries.

Discuss global outreach and the spread of Christianity.

Activities: Research and presentations on significant missionary efforts.

Scheme of Work:


Historical development of Christian missions

Notable missionary activities

Contemporary global outreach

Week 3-4: The Holy Spirit in Christianity

Lesson Note:


Focus on the role and significance of the Holy Spirit in Christianity.

Explore the gifts of the Holy Spirit.

Activities: Group discussions and reflections on personal experiences with the Holy Spirit.

Scheme of Work:


Understanding the Holy Spirit

Gifts of the Holy Spirit

Personal and communal experiences

Week 5-6: Christian Eschatology – End Times

Lesson Note:


Introduce eschatological beliefs in Christianity.

Discuss concepts of heaven, hell, and the second coming.

Activities: Analyzing biblical passages related to end times.

Scheme of Work:


Christian beliefs about the end times

Heaven, hell, and resurrection

Interpretation of eschatological scriptures

Week 7-8: Christian Social Responsibility

Lesson Note:


Explore the concept of Christian social responsibility.

Discuss the role of Christians in addressing societal issues.

Activities: Community outreach projects and volunteering.

Scheme of Work:


Christian principles of social responsibility

Addressing societal challenges

Practical involvement in community service

Week 9-10: Christian Apologetics

Lesson Note:


Introduce the concept of Christian apologetics.

Discuss defending the faith and responding to criticisms.

Activities: Debates on common objections to Christianity.

Scheme of Work:


Understanding Christian apologetics

Common challenges and objections

Developing effective responses

Week 11: Revision Week

Lesson Note:


Comprehensive review of third-term topics.

Address any remaining questions or concerns.

Activities: Quiz and review sessions.

Scheme of Work:


Comprehensive revision of covered topics

Question and answer sessions

Group study sessions

Week 12: Examination Week

Lesson Note:


Conduct final examinations on third-term material.

Ensure a fair and organized examination process.

Activities: Written exams and assessments.

Scheme of Work:


Final examinations on all third-term topics

Week 13: School Dismissal Week

Lesson Note:


Recap the highlights of the term.

Provide feedback on examinations.

Activities: Farewell ceremony and distribution of reports.

Scheme of Work:


Term review and reflections

Feedback on examinations

School dismissal ceremony.

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