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Secondary School Lesson Notes and Scheme of Work

SS3 Second Term Typewriting Lesson Note and Scheme of Work

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SS3 Second Term Typewriting Lesson Note and Scheme of Work


Second Term: Week 1- Review and Reinforcement


Lesson Note:


Review key concepts from the first term.

Reinforce typing skills and techniques.

Conduct speed and accuracy assessments.

Provide feedback on individual progress.

Scheme of Work:


Day 1: Review Home Row Keys and Finger Positioning

Day 2: Practice Drills and Exercises

Day 3: Speed and Accuracy Assessments

Day 4: Individual Progress Feedback

Day 5: Typing Games for Reinforcement

Week 2- Advanced Document Formatting


Lesson Note:


Explore advanced formatting options in word processing.

Teach students about page layout, margins, and spacing.

Discuss the importance of document aesthetics.

Assign tasks involving complex document formatting.

Scheme of Work:


Day 1: Page Layout and Margins

Day 2: Spacing and Alignment

Day 3: Document Aesthetics

Day 4: Advanced Formatting Tasks

Day 5: Peer Review of Formatted Documents

Week 3- Mail Merge and Typing Efficiency


Lesson Note:


Introduce students to mail merge techniques.

Emphasize typing efficiency in handling bulk documents.

Discuss the use of templates for repetitive tasks.

Assign practical exercises in mail merge and efficiency.

Scheme of Work:


Day 1: Introduction to Mail Merge

Day 2: Typing Efficiency Strategies

Day 3: Templates for Repetitive Tasks

Day 4: Mail Merge Exercises

Day 5: Practical Typing Efficiency Tasks

Week 4- Numeric and Symbolic Typing


Lesson Note:


Focus on numeric and symbolic typing skills.

Introduce the numeric keypad and special symbols.

Conduct exercises for practicing numeric and symbolic input.

Discuss the importance of accuracy in handling symbols.

Scheme of Work:


Day 1: Numeric Keypad Introduction

Day 2: Special Symbols and Characters

Day 3: Numeric and Symbolic Typing Exercises

Day 4: Accuracy in Symbol Handling

Day 5: Symbolic Input Challenges

Week 5- Troubleshooting Typing Issues


Lesson Note:


Discuss common typing issues and errors.

Teach students techniques for troubleshooting problems.

Emphasize the importance of proofreading.

Assign tasks involving error identification and correction.

Scheme of Work:


Day 1: Common Typing Issues

Day 2: Troubleshooting Techniques

Day 3: Proofreading Importance

Day 4: Error Identification and Correction

Day 5: Peer Review of Typed Documents.

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