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Past Questions and Answers

SS1 First Term English Language Past Questions And Answers

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SS1 First Term English Language Past Questions And Answers


SS1 (Senior Secondary 1) first term English Language questions with options and answers:


Question: Identify the subject in the sentence: “The cat chased the mouse.”


A. The

B. Cat

C. Chased

D. Mouse

Answer: B. Cat


Question: Choose the correct form of the verb in the sentence: “She ______ to the store every day.”


A. Go

B. Goes

C. Gone

D. Going

Answer: B. Goes


Question: What is the plural form of “child”?


A. Childs

B. Children

C. Childen

D. Childies

Answer: B. Children


Question: Identify the antonym of “brave”:


A. Fearless

B. Cowardly

C. Courageous

D. Bold

Answer: B. Cowardly


Question: Choose the correct conjunction to fill in the blank: “He likes to play soccer, _____ she prefers basketball.”


A. But

B. And

C. Or

D. So

Answer: A. But


Question: What is the meaning of the word “eccentric”?


A. Strange

B. Ordinary

C. Typical

D. Normal

Answer: A. Strange


Question: Identify the direct object in the sentence: “She baked a delicious cake.”


A. She

B. Baked

C. Delicious

D. Cake

Answer: D. Cake


Question: Which of the following is a compound sentence?


A. The cat is black.

B. I like to read books.

C. She studied hard, so she passed the exam.

D. He runs quickly.

Answer: C. She studied hard, so she passed the exam.


Question: What part of speech is the word “quickly” in the sentence: “She ran quickly to catch the bus”?


A. Noun

B. Adjective

C. Adverb

D. Verb

Answer: C. Adverb


Question: Choose the correct preposition to complete the sentence: “The book is _____ the table.”


A. In

B. On

C. Under

D. Between

Answer: B. On


Question: What is the synonym for “benevolent”?

A. Malevolent

B. Kind

C. Hostile

D. Cruel

Answer: B. Kind


Question: Identify the conjunction in the sentence: “I like both chocolate and vanilla ice cream.”

A. Like

B. Both

C. And

D. Ice Cream

Answer: C. And


Question: Which sentence is in the passive voice?

A. The cat chased the mouse.

B. The mouse was chased by the cat.

C. She is singing a song.

D. They will finish the project.

Answer: B. The mouse was chased by the cat.


Question: What is the superlative form of “happy”?

A. Happiest

B. Happyer

C. More happy

D. Happyest

Answer: A. Happiest


Question: Choose the correct possessive pronoun: “This is ____ book.”

A. Mine

B. Me

C. My

D. I

Answer: A. Mine


Question: Identify the adjectival phrase in the sentence: “The girl with the red hat is my sister.”

A. My sister

B. The girl

C. Red hat

D. With the red hat

Answer: D. With the red hat


Question: What is the plural of “cactus”?

A. Cacti

B. Cactuses

C. Cactuss

D. Cactoes

Answer: B. Cactuses


Question: Choose the correct past tense of the verb “swim”:

A. Swims

B. Swimming

C. Swam

D. Swimmed

Answer: C. Swam


Question: Identify the interjection in the sentence: “Oh no, I forgot my keys!”

A. Oh

B. No

C. I

D. Keys

Answer: A. Oh


Question: Which sentence is an example of a simile?


A. The moon is a shining pearl.

B. She dances like a graceful swan.

C. The sun is a hot ball of fire.

D. The wind whispers through the trees.

Answer: B. She dances like a graceful swan.

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