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Past Questions and Answers

SS2 Second Term Computer Science Past Questions And Answers

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SS2 Second Term Computer Science Past Questions And Answers


SS2 second term Computer Science questions with options and answers:


Question: What is the purpose of a database management system (DBMS)?


a) Display graphics

b) Manage and organize data

c) Create web pages

d) Compile code

Answer: b) Manage and organize data


Question: Which sorting algorithm has a worst-case time complexity of O(n log n)?


a) Bubble sort

b) Quick sort

c) Insertion sort

d) Selection sort

Answer: b) Quick sort


Question: What does DNS stand for in the context of computer networks?


a) Domain Name System

b) Data Network Server

c) Dynamic Network Security

d) Digital Naming Service

Answer: a) Domain Name System


Question: Which of the following is a key feature of object-oriented programming (OOP)?


a) Code redundancy

b) Code modularity

c) Code obfuscation

d) Code duplication

Answer: b) Code modularity


Question: What is the purpose of the “try” and “except” blocks in Python?


a) Define functions

b) Handle exceptions

c) Create loops

d) Perform mathematical operations

Answer: b) Handle exceptions


Question: Which data structure is suitable for implementing a priority queue?


a) Array

b) Linked list

c) Queue

d) Heap

Answer: d) Heap


Question: What is the role of a firewall in computer security?


a) Manage files

b) Control network access

c) Execute code

d) Design user interfaces

Answer: b) Control network access


Question: Which type of testing focuses on evaluating individual units or components of a software system?


a) Integration testing

b) System testing

c) Unit testing

d) Regression testing

Answer: c) Unit testing


Question: In object-oriented programming, what is encapsulation?


a) Hiding implementation details

b) Grouping code statements

c) Replicating code

d) Creating interfaces

Answer: a) Hiding implementation details


Question: What is the purpose of a foreign key in a relational database?


a) Identify a record uniquely

b) Establish a link between tables

c) Sort data alphabetically

d) Calculate aggregate functions

Answer: b) Establish a link between tables


Question: Which programming language is often used for mobile app development?

a) C

b) Java

c) PHP

d) Ruby

Answer: b) Java


Question: What does AJAX stand for in web development?

a) Asynchronous JavaScript and XML

b) Advanced Java and XML

c) Automated JavaScript and XML

d) Application Java and XML

Answer: a) Asynchronous JavaScript and XML


Question: Which type of error is detected during compilation?

a) Syntax error

b) Runtime error

c) Logical error

d) Linker error

Answer: a) Syntax error


Question: What is the purpose of the “else” statement in programming?

a) Loop execution

b) Exception handling

c) Conditional branching

d) File management

Answer: c) Conditional branching


Question: Which network topology is known for its fault tolerance, as data can take multiple paths?

a) Bus

b) Ring

c) Star

d) Mesh

Answer: d) Mesh


Question: What is a VPN used for in computer networks?

a) Virus protection

b) Virtual Private Network

c) Video processing

d) Visual presentation

Answer: b) Virtual Private Network


Question: Which SQL clause is used to filter the results of a query?





Answer: b) WHERE


Question: What is the purpose of the DRY principle in programming?

a) Don’t Repeat Yourself

b) Data Retrieval Yield

c) Dynamic Replication

d) Design Rules for Yield

Answer: a) Don’t Repeat Yourself


Question: Which data structure is often used to represent hierarchical relationships?

a) Stack

b) Queue

c) Tree

d) Graph

Answer: c) Tree


Question: What is the primary function of an application server in a client-server architecture?

a) Store data

b) Process business logic

c) Manage network connections

d) Display web pages

Answer: b) Process business logic.

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