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Secondary School Lesson Notes and Scheme of Work

SS2 First Term CRK Lesson Note and Scheme of Work

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SS2 First Term CRK Lesson Note and Scheme of Work


Week 1: Understanding the Bible


Lesson Note:

Introduce students to the Bible, its divisions, and the significance of studying it. Explore the creation story in Genesis. Discuss the importance of the Bible in shaping Christian beliefs.


Scheme of Work:


Monday: Introduction to the Bible

Tuesday: Divisions of the Bible

Wednesday: Significance of Bible Study

Thursday: Genesis: The Creation Story

Friday: Group discussion on the relevance of the Bible.

Week 2: Old Testament Stories


Lesson Note:

Examine key stories from the Old Testament, emphasizing moral lessons. Discuss the lives of notable figures like Noah, Abraham, and Moses.


Scheme of Work:


Monday: Noah and the Ark

Tuesday: Abraham’s Faith and Covenant

Wednesday: Moses and the Exodus

Thursday: Moral lessons from Old Testament stories

Friday: Role play on Old Testament characters.

Week 3: Life and Teachings of Jesus Christ


Lesson Note:

Focus on the life and teachings of Jesus Christ. Emphasize his parables and the Sermon on the Mount.


Scheme of Work:


Monday: Birth and early life of Jesus

Tuesday: Jesus’ Miracles

Wednesday: Parables of Jesus

Thursday: Sermon on the Mount

Friday: Group presentation on Jesus’ teachings.

Week 4: Christian Values and Ethics


Lesson Note:

Explore Christian values and ethics based on the teachings of Jesus. Discuss topics like love, forgiveness, and charity.


Scheme of Work:


Monday: Love as a Christian value

Tuesday: Forgiveness in Christianity

Wednesday: Charity and compassion

Thursday: Living Christian values in everyday life

Friday: Class discussion on applying Christian ethics.

Week 5: Christianity and Society


Lesson Note:

Examine the role of Christianity in society. Discuss Christian contributions to education, healthcare, and social justice.


Scheme of Work:


Monday: Christianity and education

Tuesday: Christianity and healthcare

Wednesday: Christianity and social justice

Thursday: Group projects on Christian contributions to society

Friday: Class presentation of group projects.

Week 6: Christian Festivals


Lesson Note:

Explore Christian festivals such as Christmas and Easter. Discuss their significance and how they are celebrated.


Scheme of Work:


Monday: Significance of Christmas

Tuesday: Christmas traditions and celebrations

Wednesday: Significance of Easter

Thursday: Easter traditions and celebrations

Friday: Class discussion on the importance of Christian festivals.

Week 7: Christian Morality


Lesson Note:

Discuss Christian morality and its application in contemporary society. Address ethical dilemmas from a Christian perspective.


Scheme of Work:


Monday: Introduction to Christian morality

Tuesday: Ethical dilemmas in society

Wednesday: Christian solutions to ethical issues

Thursday: Role play on resolving ethical dilemmas

Friday: Reflection on the role play and class discussion.

Week 8: Early Christian Communities


Lesson Note:

Examine the formation and challenges faced by early Christian communities. Discuss the spread of Christianity.


Scheme of Work:


Monday: Formation of early Christian communities

Tuesday: Challenges faced by early Christians

Wednesday: Spread of Christianity

Thursday: Comparison of early Christian communities

Friday: Class debate on the challenges faced by early Christians.

Week 9: Christian Mission and Evangelism


Lesson Note:

Explore the concept of mission and evangelism in Christianity. Discuss the role of missionaries in spreading the Christian faith.


Scheme of Work:


Monday: Definition of Christian mission

Tuesday: The role of missionaries

Wednesday: Missionary work in contemporary society

Thursday: Group projects on famous Christian missionaries

Friday: Class presentation of group projects.

Week 10: The Church and Sacraments


Lesson Note:

Examine the structure and significance of the Christian Church. Discuss sacraments like baptism and communion.


Scheme of Work:


Monday: Structure of the Christian Church

Tuesday: Significance of the Church in Christianity

Wednesday: Sacraments in Christianity

Thursday: Baptism and its meaning

Friday: Communion and its significance.

Week 11: Revision Week




Review key concepts and topics covered in the term.

Conduct group discussions for peer learning.

Practice past examination questions.

Week 12: Examination Week




Administer end-of-term examinations.

Review examination guidelines and expectations.

Week 13: School Dismissal Week




Provide feedback on examinations.

Recap key takeaways from the term.

Wishing students a restful break and encouraging continued exploration of Christian values.

Note: The lesson notes and scheme of work are structured to provide a comprehensive understanding of Christian Religion Knowledge (CRK) over the course of the first term, incorporating interactive and engaging activities for effective learning.

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