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Secondary School Lesson Notes and Scheme of Work

SS1 Third Term History Lesson Note and Scheme of Work

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SS1 Third Term History Lesson Note and Scheme of Work


Third Term


Week 1-2: Post-Cold War Conflicts

Lesson Note:


Examine conflicts and geopolitical shifts after the Cold War.

Discuss regional conflicts and peacekeeping efforts.

Analyze the role of the international community in post-Cold War conflicts.

Scheme of Work:


Case studies on post-Cold War conflicts.

Model United Nations simulation on conflict resolution.

Week 3-4: Human Rights and Global Issues

Lesson Note:


Explore the concept of human rights and their global significance.

Discuss major global issues such as climate change, poverty, and migration.

Analyze the role of international organizations in addressing these issues.

Scheme of Work:


Debates on human rights issues.

Group projects on global challenges and proposed solutions.

Week 5-6: Contemporary Social Movements

Lesson Note:


Study recent social movements and their impact on society.

Discuss movements related to civil rights, gender equality, and environmental activism.

Analyze the use of social media in mobilizing movements.

Scheme of Work:


Research projects on contemporary social movements.

Class discussions on the effectiveness of different forms of activism.

Week 7-8: Economic Globalization

Lesson Note:


Explore the concepts of economic globalization and interconnected markets.

Discuss the impact of multinational corporations on economies.

Analyze the challenges and benefits of economic globalization.

Scheme of Work:


Case studies on the economic impact of globalization.

Group presentations on the role of multinational corporations.

Week 9-10: Technological Advancements

Lesson Note:


Examine the role of technology in shaping the modern world.

Discuss artificial intelligence, biotechnology, and their ethical implications.

Analyze the impact of technological advancements on various sectors.

Scheme of Work:


Class discussions on the ethical considerations of emerging technologies.

Presentations on the transformative effects of technology.

Week 11: Revision Week



Review key concepts from the third term.

Conduct practice quizzes and discussions.

Address any questions or concerns from students.

Week 12: Examination Week



Administer end-of-term examinations.

Ensure a conducive environment for students during exams.

Week 13: School Dismissal Week



Provide feedback on examinations.

Recap the highlights of the term.

Give guidance on further readings and resources for interested students.

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