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Secondary School Lesson Notes and Scheme of Work

SS1 Third Term Fishery Lesson Note and Scheme of Work

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SS1 Third Term Fishery Lesson Note and Scheme of Work


Third Term: Fishery Lesson Note and Scheme of Work for SS1


Week 1: Fishery Policies and Governance


Lesson Note:


Explore national and international fisheries policies.

Discuss the role of government in regulating and managing fisheries.



Group project: Research on global fisheries governance.

Class discussion on the impact of policies on local fishery communities.

Week 2: Fish Processing Technology


Lesson Note:


Introduce advanced fish processing technologies.

Discuss the use of technology in improving fish quality and efficiency.



Laboratory session on modern fish processing equipment.

Group project: Evaluating the benefits of technology in fish processing.

Week 3: Fishery Extension Education and Communication


Lesson Note:


Explore effective communication strategies in fishery extension.

Discuss the role of education in promoting sustainable fisheries.



Guest lecture on communication skills in extension services.

Group project: Creating educational materials for fishery awareness.

Week 4: Fishery Research and Data Collection


Lesson Note:


Introduce research methods in fisheries science.

Discuss the importance of data collection for sustainable management.



Conducting a small-scale fishery research project.

Group presentation on the significance of research in fisheries.

Week 5: Aquatic Ecology and Ecosystem Management


Lesson Note:


Explore the principles of aquatic ecology.

Discuss ecosystem-based approaches to fisheries management.



Field trip to study local aquatic ecosystems.

Group project: Designing an ecosystem management plan for a fishery.

Week 6: Fish Processing Entrepreneurship


Lesson Note:


Discuss entrepreneurship opportunities in fish processing.

Explore value chain development in the fishery sector.



Guest speakers from successful fish processing entrepreneurs.

Group project: Creating a business plan for a fish processing enterprise.

Week 7: Responsible Fishing Practices


Lesson Note:


Introduce responsible fishing practices.

Discuss the concept of sustainable seafood.



Class debate on responsible fishing.

Group project: Developing guidelines for responsible fishing.

Week 8: Fishery Marketing Strategies


Lesson Note:


Explore advanced marketing strategies for fishery products.

Discuss branding and market positioning.



Workshop on branding and packaging in fish marketing.

Group project: Creating a marketing campaign for a fishery product.

Week 9: Fishery Extension Practical Training


Lesson Note:


Provide practical training in fishery extension services.

Emphasize hands-on experience in supporting fish farmers.



Fieldwork with extension officers.

Group presentation on the challenges and solutions in fishery extension.

Week 10: Emerging Trends in Fisheries


Lesson Note:


Discuss current and emerging trends in the fisheries industry.

Explore innovations and technologies shaping the future.



Research project on a cutting-edge topic in fisheries.

Group discussion on the potential impact of emerging trends.

Week 11: Revision Week




Review of key concepts.

Practice exams and quizzes.

Week 12: Examination Week




Conducting written and practical exams.

Week 13: School Dismissal Week




Final review of the term’s learnings.

Distribution of report cards and feedback session.

The third term completes the comprehensive Fishery Lesson Note and Scheme of Work for SS1, providing students with an in-depth understanding of advanced topics and practical skills in the field of fisheries.

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