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Past Questions and Answers

SS1 Second Term Fine Arts Past Questions And Answers

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SS1 Second Term Fine Arts Past Questions And Answers


Here are 20 Fine Arts questions for SS1 Second Term:


Question: What type of paint is known for its fast drying time and is often used for outdoor murals?


A. Watercolor

B. Acrylic

C. Oil

D. Tempera

Answer: B. Acrylic

Question: Who is famous for his detailed, anatomically accurate drawings of the human body during the Renaissance?


A. Leonardo da Vinci

B. Vincent van Gogh

C. Pablo Picasso

D. Claude Monet

Answer: A. Leonardo da Vinci

Question: Which art movement aimed to depict the reality of everyday life, often focusing on industrial scenes and urban landscapes?


A. Realism

B. Abstract Expressionism

C. Surrealism

D. Cubism

Answer: A. Realism

Question: What is the term for a work of art created by arranging and pasting various materials onto a two-dimensional surface?


A. Assemblage

B. Collage

C. Montage

D. Decoupage

Answer: B. Collage

Question: Who is known for his use of vibrant colors and distorted shapes in paintings like “Starry Night”?


A. Pablo Picasso

B. Vincent van Gogh

C. Wassily Kandinsky

D. Henri Matisse

Answer: B. Vincent van Gogh

Question: In art, what is the term for a work that represents a person or group of people?


A. Landscape

B. Portrait

C. Still life

D. Abstract

Answer: B. Portrait

Question: What is the name for the art technique involving the use of small, distinct dots to create an image?


A. Pointillism

B. Impressionism

C. Fauvism

D. Cubism

Answer: A. Pointillism

Question: Who is considered a key figure in the Pop Art movement, known for iconic works featuring Marilyn Monroe and Campbell’s soup cans?


A. Andy Warhol

B. Roy Lichtenstein

C. Claes Oldenburg

D. Jasper Johns

Answer: A. Andy Warhol

Question: Which art movement sought to break away from traditional forms and explore the use of color and shape as expressive elements?


A. Abstract Expressionism

B. Cubism

C. Dadaism

D. Surrealism

Answer: A. Abstract Expressionism

Question: What is the term for a technique in which an artist rapidly sketches a scene or subject to capture its essence?


A. Sgraffito

B. Gesture drawing

C. Frottage

D. Stippling

Answer: B. Gesture drawing

Question: Who is known for his large-scale, colorful murals depicting Mexican culture and history?


A. Frida Kahlo

B. Diego Rivera

C. David Alfaro Siqueiros

D. José Clemente Orozco

Answer: B. Diego Rivera

Question: What is the term for an artwork that combines elements from different artistic styles or sources?


A. Fusion art

B. Hybrid art

C. Eclectic art

D. Synthesis art

Answer: C. Eclectic art

Question: Which ancient Greek style of pottery is characterized by black figures on a red background?


A. Terracotta

B. Red-figure pottery

C. Black-figure pottery

D. Maiolica

Answer: C. Black-figure pottery

Question: What is the name for a sculpture in which the figures project from the background at least half their natural depth?


A. High relief

B. Bas-relief

C. Low relief

D. Sculptural relief

Answer: A. High relief

Question: Who is known for creating sculptural forms using welded metal and is associated with the Constructivist movement?


A. Constantin Brâncuși

B. Louise Bourgeois

C. Alexander Calder

D. Barbara Hepworth

Answer: C. Alexander Calder

Question: In pottery, what term refers to the process of firing clay at a low temperature to set the glaze?


A. Bisque firing

B. Raku firing

C. Stoneware firing

D. Earthenware firing

Answer: B. Raku firing

Question: What is the technique of creating an image by pressing an object onto a surface covered with paint or ink?


A. Engraving

B. Etching

C. Monoprinting

D. Linocut

Answer: C. Monoprinting

Question: Which Renaissance artist is known for his bronze statue of David and his mural on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel?


A. Leonardo da Vinci

B. Michelangelo

C. Raphael

D. Donatello

Answer: B. Michelangelo

Question: What is the term for a painting technique where pigments are suspended in a water-based solution and applied to wet plaster?


A. Fresco

B. Tempera

C. Encaustic

D. Gouache

Answer: A. Fresco

Question: Who is associated with the art movement known as Surrealism and created dream like, fantastical paintings?


A. Salvador Dali

B. Rene Magritte

C. Max Ernst

D. Joan Miró

Answer: A. Salvador Dali.

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