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Secondary School Lesson Notes and Scheme of Work

SS1 Second Term Agricultural Science Lesson Note and Scheme of Work

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SS1 Second Term Agricultural Science Lesson Note and Scheme of Work


Week 1: Agricultural Inputs and Farm Tools

Lesson Note:


Types of agricultural inputs

Proper use and maintenance of farm tools

Importance of quality inputs in agriculture



Identification and demonstration of various farm tools

Group discussion on the significance of quality inputs

Scheme of Work:


Understanding the role of inputs in agricultural productivity

Practical aspects of using and caring for farm tools

Week 2: Crop Rotation and Multiple Cropping

Lesson Note:


Definition and benefits of crop rotation

Multiple cropping techniques

Crop combinations for better yield



Crop rotation planning exercise

Field observation of multiple cropping systems

Scheme of Work:


Enhancing soil fertility through crop rotation

Maximizing land use with multiple cropping

Week 3: Livestock Nutrition and Feed Formulation

Lesson Note:


Nutritional needs of livestock

Formulating balanced feed for animals

Importance of proper nutrition in animal husbandry



Guest lecture from a nutritionist

Practical session on preparing balanced feed

Scheme of Work:


Understanding livestock dietary requirements

Practical skills in feed formulation

Week 4: Farm Marketing and Agribusiness

Lesson Note:


Basics of farm marketing

Agribusiness opportunities

Marketing strategies for agricultural products



Field trip to a local market

Group project on creating a marketing plan for a farm product

Scheme of Work:


Exploring the business side of agriculture

Developing marketing skills for agricultural products

Week 5: Sustainable Agriculture Practices

Lesson Note:


Principles of sustainable agriculture

Conservation agriculture techniques

Organic farming practices



Practical demonstration of sustainable farming methods

Group project on implementing sustainable practices

Scheme of Work:


Balancing productivity and environmental sustainability

Hands-on experience with sustainable agriculture

Week 6: Agricultural Policy and Regulations

Lesson Note:


Government policies affecting agriculture

Compliance with agricultural regulations

Advocacy for farmer rights



Guest speaker from the agriculture department

Debate on the impact of policies on farmers

Scheme of Work:


Understanding the legal aspects of agriculture

Advocacy skills for farmers

Week 7: Farm Risk Management

Lesson Note:


Identifying and managing farm risks

Insurance in agriculture

Strategies for mitigating crop and livestock losses



Risk assessment simulation

Group project on creating a farm risk management plan

Scheme of Work:


Navigating uncertainties in agriculture

Practical approaches to farm risk management

Week 8: Horticulture and Ornamental Planting

Lesson Note:


Basics of horticulture

Growing ornamental plants

Landscaping for agricultural purposes



Practical session on horticultural practices

Designing a small ornamental garden

Scheme of Work:


Diversifying into horticulture for added income

Enhancing aesthetic value through ornamental planting

Week 9: Agroforestry

Lesson Note:


Introduction to agroforestry

Benefits of integrating trees into farming

Techniques for agroforestry management



Field trip to an agroforestry project

Group project on designing an agroforestry plan

Scheme of Work:


Understanding the role of trees in sustainable agriculture

Practical aspects of agroforestry implementation

Week 10: Agricultural Research and Innovations

Lesson Note:


Importance of research in agriculture

Innovations in farming practices

Role of technology in agriculture



Research project on a relevant agricultural topic

Guest lecture on technological advancements in agriculture

Scheme of Work:


Encouraging a culture of research in agriculture

Embracing technology for improved farming

Week 11: Revision Week



Review of key concepts from second term

Practice tests and quizzes

Week 12: Examination Week



Final written examination for the second term

Practical assessments

Week 13: School Dismissal Week



Recap of the entire course

Distribution of certificates for the academic year.

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