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Secondary School Lesson Notes and Scheme of Work

SS1 First Term Physics Lesson Note and Scheme of Work

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SS1 First Term Physics Lesson Note and Scheme of Work


Week 1: Introduction to Mechanics

Lesson Note: Start with an overview of mechanics, covering basic concepts like motion, displacement, and velocity. Conduct practical demonstrations with simple experiments.

Scheme of Work: Introduce students to the laws of motion and Newton’s laws. Assign homework for reinforcement.


Week 2: Kinematics

Lesson Note: Dive into kinematics, focusing on acceleration, equations of motion, and graphical representations. Engage students with real-life examples and problems.

Scheme of Work: Teach the equations of motion, and have students solve problems related to motion in one and two dimensions. Conduct group discussions.


Week 3: Dynamics of Motion

Lesson Note: Explore the dynamics of motion, discussing force, mass, and the resultant motion. Conduct hands-on activities to illustrate these concepts.

Scheme of Work: Explain Newton’s laws of motion, emphasizing practical applications. Assign projects that involve designing simple machines.


Week 4: Work, Energy, and Power

Lesson Note: Introduce the concepts of work, energy, and power. Utilize practical examples to demonstrate the principles. Encourage student participation.

Scheme of Work: Cover the work-energy principle and the calculation of power. Organize a field trip to observe different forms of energy in action.


Week 5: Gravitational Field and Potential Energy

Lesson Note: Discuss gravitational fields and potential energy, linking them to real-world scenarios. Use multimedia resources to enhance understanding.

Scheme of Work: Explore gravitational potential energy and its applications. Assign a research project on the historical development of the concept of gravity.


Week 6: Elasticity and Hooke’s Law

Lesson Note: Delve into elasticity, introducing Hooke’s Law and its applications. Conduct experiments to demonstrate elastic behavior.

Scheme of Work: Teach the relationship between stress and strain. Have students conduct a hands-on experiment to verify Hooke’s Law.


Week 7: Simple Harmonic Motion

Lesson Note: Cover simple harmonic motion, explaining the concepts of amplitude, frequency, and period. Use demonstrations to illustrate harmonic oscillations.

Scheme of Work: Introduce the mathematical representation of simple harmonic motion. Organize a class competition for designing and building harmonic oscillators.


Week 8: Fluid Mechanics

Lesson Note: Begin with an overview of fluid mechanics, discussing concepts like pressure, buoyancy, and Archimedes’ principle. Conduct experiments with fluids.

Scheme of Work: Explore Pascal’s Law and Bernoulli’s principle. Assign a project where students design and present a model demonstrating these principles.


Week 9: Heat and Temperature

Lesson Note: Discuss heat transfer mechanisms and temperature measurement. Conduct experiments to illustrate thermal expansion and contraction.

Scheme of Work: Teach the laws of thermodynamics and their applications. Have students research and present on innovative uses of thermal energy.


Week 10: Wave Motion

Lesson Note: Cover the basics of wave motion, including types of waves and wave properties. Use practical examples to enhance comprehension.

Scheme of Work: Discuss wave phenomena such as interference and diffraction. Assign a project on the applications of wave motion in technology.


Week 11: Revision Week

Lesson Note: Review key concepts, address any outstanding questions, and conduct practice exams to reinforce learning.

Scheme of Work: Provide revision materials, including past exam papers. Organize peer teaching sessions for collaborative revision.


Week 12: Examination Week

Lesson Note: Administer examinations, ensuring a fair and conducive environment for students to showcase their understanding.

Scheme of Work: Conduct exams following the school’s guidelines and grading system. Provide timely feedback to aid continuous improvement.


Week 13: School Dismissal Week

Lesson Note: Recap the term’s highlights and achievements. Give feedback on the exams and encourage students for the upcoming term.

Scheme of Work: Facilitate a brief reflection session on the term. Distribute report cards and communicate with parents to discuss students’ progress.

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