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List Of Private Colleges In Cape Town

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Cape Town is home to several prestigious private colleges that provide a diverse range of courses and programs to students from around the world.

These esteemed institutions are dedicated to delivering high-quality education and training, empowering students to achieve their academic and career aspirations. Below, we present a list of some of the top private colleges in Cape Town:

1. Vega School of Brand Leadership

The Vega School of Brand Leadership is renowned as one of Cape Town’s leading private colleges. It offers a wide array of courses in marketing, brand management, and creative design. These programs are meticulously designed to nurture students’ creativity and critical thinking abilities.

2. CityVarsity

CityVarsity stands as another top-notch private college in Cape Town. It offers an impressive selection of courses in media and creative arts, including film, television, animation, and graphic design. The institution has gained a stellar reputation for producing talented graduates who embark on successful careers within the industry.


Specializing in film, television, and performance arts, AFDA is a private college in Cape Town that provides a range of courses in these fields. Students can pursue programs in film production, acting, and screenwriting, among others, within a supportive and dynamic learning environment.

4. Pearson Institute of Higher Education

The Pearson Institute of Higher Education is a distinguished private college in Cape Town, offering a comprehensive range of courses in business, law, and humanities. With a strong focus on practical training and work-integrated learning, the institution equips students with the skills necessary to thrive in the professional world.

5. Inscape Design College

Inscape Design College is a specialized private college in Cape Town that excels in design education. Its curriculum encompasses various design disciplines such as graphic design, interior design, and fashion design. The college places significant emphasis on fostering creativity and innovation, encouraging students to develop their unique design style.

6. Red and Yellow Creative School of Business

The Red and Yellow Creative School of Business is a prominent private college in Cape Town that offers courses in business and marketing. It champions creativity and innovation, with its programs designed to inspire students to think outside the box and cultivate their entrepreneurial ideas.


These private colleges in Cape Town provide exceptional educational experiences, preparing students for successful careers in their respective fields.

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