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Secondary School Lesson Notes and Scheme of Work

JSS2 Second Term Agricultural Science Lesson Note and Scheme of Work

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JSS2 Second Term Agricultural Science Lesson Note and Scheme of Work


Week 1: Introduction to Second Term Topics


Overview of upcoming lessons

Recap of key concepts from the first term

Week 2: Soil Conservation Techniques


Erosion control methods

Terracing and contour plowing

Importance of soil conservation

Week 3: Plant Propagation


Seed germination

Asexual propagation techniques

Importance of selecting quality planting materials

Week 4: Crop Diseases and Pest Management


Identification of common crop diseases

Integrated pest management strategies

Disease prevention and control measures

Week 5: Agricultural Extension Services


Role of extension services in agriculture

Farmer education programs

Access to agricultural information

Week 6: Animal Health and Nutrition


Common livestock diseases

Nutritional requirements for livestock

Balancing animal diets

Week 7: Fisheries and Aquaculture


Basics of fish farming

Types of aquaculture systems

Importance of fisheries in agriculture

Week 8: Agricultural Policies and Regulations


Government policies in agriculture

Compliance with agricultural regulations

Impact of policies on farmers

Week 9: Crop Harvesting and Storage


Harvesting techniques

Post-harvest handling and storage

Prevention of post-harvest losses

Week 10: Sustainable Agriculture Practices


Organic farming methods

Conservation agriculture

Importance of sustainability in agriculture

Week 11: Revision Week


Review of second term topics

Practice exams and discussions

Week 12: Examination Week


Written and practical exams for second term

Assessment of students’ knowledge

Week 13: School Dismissal Week


Summary of the second term’s lessons

Distribution of report cards

Closing ceremonies and end-of-term activities.

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