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Past Questions and Answers

JSS1 First Term Basic Technology Past Questions And Answers

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JSS1 First Term Basic Technology Past Questions And Answers


Here are 20 Basic Technology questions for JSS1 first term, each with options and answers:


Question: What is the primary function of a screwdriver?


A) Cutting

B) Prying

C) Tightening screws

D) Measuring

Answer: C) Tightening screws


Question: Which of the following materials is a good conductor of electricity?


A) Wood

B) Rubber

C) Copper

D) Plastic

Answer: C) Copper


Question: What is the main purpose of a fuse in an electrical circuit?


A) Increase resistance

B) Regulate voltage

C) Prevent overloading

D) Amplify current

Answer: C) Prevent overloading


Question: Which tool is commonly used for measuring angles in Basic Technology?


A) Vernier caliper

B) Protractor

C) Micrometer screw gauge

D) Spirit level

Answer: B) Protractor


Question: What is the basic function of a pulley?


A) Transmitting motion

B) Changing the direction of force

C) Measuring temperature

D) Amplifying sound

Answer: B) Changing the direction of force


Question: In a simple circuit, what component stores electrical energy?


A) Resistor

B) Capacitor

C) Transistor

D) Diode

Answer: B) Capacitor


Question: Which type of energy is possessed by a moving bicycle?


A) Thermal energy

B) Mechanical energy

C) Electrical energy

D) Chemical energy

Answer: B) Mechanical energy


Question: What is the purpose of a spanner in mechanical work?


A) Measuring distance

B) Tightening and loosening nuts and bolts

C) Cutting materials

D) Connecting wires

Answer: B) Tightening and loosening nuts and bolts


Question: Which material is commonly used as an insulator in electrical wires?


A) Aluminum

B) Copper

C) Rubber

D) Silver

Answer: C) Rubber


Question: What is the function of an inclined plane?


A) Lifting heavy objects

B) Moving objects up or down with less effort

C) Amplifying sound

D) Transmitting data

Answer: B) Moving objects up or down with less effort


Question: What type of force pulls objects towards the center of the Earth?


A) Magnetic force

B) Gravitational force

C) Frictional force

D) Tensile force

Answer: B) Gravitational force


Question: In electronics, what does LED stand for?


A) Light Emitting Diode

B) Long Electric Device

C) Low Energy Detector

D) Liquid Electron Display

Answer: A) Light Emitting Diode


Question: Which instrument is used to measure current in a circuit?


A) Ammeter

B) Voltmeter

C) Oscilloscope

D) Multimeter

Answer: A) Ammeter


Question: What is the purpose of a router in woodworking?


A) Shaping edges

B) Measuring angles

C) Tightening screws

D) Polishing surfaces

Answer: A) Shaping edges


Question: What is the function of a thermostat in a heating system?


A) Regulate temperature

B) Measure humidity

C) Control air circulation

D) Increase pressure

Answer: A) Regulate temperature


Question: Which type of gear is used to change the direction of rotation?


A) Spur gear

B) Worm gear

C) Bevel gear

D) Rack and pinion gear

Answer: C) Bevel gear


Question: What is the purpose of a soldering iron in electronics?


A) Cutting wires

B) Joining metal components

C) Measuring resistance

D) Generating heat

Answer: B) Joining metal components


Question: Which energy transformation occurs in a solar-powered calculator?


A) Solar to electrical

B) Electrical to thermal

C) Thermal to mechanical

D) Mechanical to sound

Answer: A) Solar to electrical


Question: What does the acronym CAD stand for in engineering?


A) Computer-Aided Design

B) Centralized Automotive Device

C) Chemical Analysis Device

D) Computer Animation Display

Answer: A) Computer-Aided Design


Question: Which process involves changing a solid directly into a gas without passing through the liquid state?


A) Sublimation

B) Evaporation

C) Condensation

D) Fusion

Answer: A) Sublimation.

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