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Canadian Cities That Welcome Most Immigrants

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Canadian Cities That Welcome Most Immigrants

Canada has been recognized as the best welcoming country for immigrants. This is because their immigration system not only admits them to work or study but also opens the possibility of applying for permanent residence if they meet the requirements.

The Canadian government announced its plans to receive immigrants for the year 2021.

This plan involves receive 351,000 immigrants, but they may be more or less if the government makes adjustments after the Covid-19 pandemic.

Canada attracts highly skilled immigrants or trade specialists through its job programs, such as the Express Entry and the Provincial Nominee Program.

So today we will be going through a list of Canadian cities that welcomes most immigrants.

Canadian Cities That Welcome Most Immigrants

Recent research revealed which Canadian cities received the most immigrants and below is the result.

  1. Toronto 

It received 117,720 immigrants in 2019. It is the epicentre of Canadian urban life and a city that embraces multiculturalism.

They speak more than 140 languages and dialects. Although the vast majority of its population is fluent in English.

The province of Ontario, where Toronto is located, generating about 37% of the national GDP and has nearly 50% of all employees in high-tech, financial services, and other knowledge-intensive industries.

  1. Vancouver 

40,020 immigrants arrived in this city in 2019. British Columbia’s Vancouver has attracted the interest of major American tech giants in need of foreign talent.

Facebook, Boeing, Microsoft, and Amazon have branches here.

In addition to the technology sector, companies are focused on the finance sector and environmentally friendly developments.

  1. Montreal 

It received 34,620 immigrants in 2019. It is part of the province of Quebec, with an economy based on specialized workers and natural resources.

Most of their immigration programs ask applicants to speak French.

  1. Calgary 

It received 19,625 immigrants in 2019. It is a city in the province of Alberta, which has a work application flow called the Alberta Opportunity Stream (AOS), and an expansion to the occupations and skill levels that can be accepted.

  1. Winnipeg 

This city belongs to the province of Manitoba and it received 14,745 immigrants in 2019.

It is the ninth-largest city in Canada and dominates the economy of its region. The most important industries are food, machinery, metal handling, manufacturing of transport equipment and clothing.

  1. Vaughan, Ontario

Vaughan is the fifth-largest city in the Greater Toronto Area and is one of the most immigrant-friendly cities.

The most significant percentage of the large minority population corresponds to South Asia (33%), followed by the Chinese (16%) who are the second-largest minority group.

  1. Longueuil, Quebec

In recent years the province of Quebec has relied on immigration to maintain its population and even grow at a modest rate.

Thanks to the thriving aerospace industry with Pratt & Whitney, and companies such as Agropur, Innergex Renewable Energy. This has made Longueuil the Canadian city that most need immigrants to cover its scarce workforce.

  1. Mississauga, Ontario

Mississauga is a large Canadian city, characterized by having a large number of important immigrant communities where newcomers can network and begin to establish roots in their new home.

Being a diverse city, it offers openings for qualified immigrants every year.

More than 60 large corporations are headquartered in the city.

Electronics and computers, pharmacy, banking and finance, aerospace and transportation equipment are among Mississauga’s industries.

  1. Port Coquitlam, British Columbia

What stands out most about Port Coquitlam is that its government strongly encourages new investments through attractive programs. Also, they actively work in the development of important projects.

Port Coquitlam is part of the Vancouver metropolitan area and the immigrant population represents 27.8% of its total population.

  1. Waterloo, Ontario

Although in Waterloo house prices are above the Canadian average, it should be noted that it is a good destination for skilled workers and immigrant making a city with many of the so-called “white collar” jobs.

Waterloo is an affordable and safe city with a growing immigrant community.

  1. Surrey, British Columbia

Surrey is the 12th largest metropolitan area in Canada and of that population, South Asians accounted for about 32% in the 2016 census.

Although Surrey is not a cheap city as it attracts large numbers of immigrants each year thanks to its vast offer of job vacancies. It is precisely the companies of the health and technology industries that are the economic sectors that are part of this city.

  1. Markham, Ontario 

There are about 1,000 life science and technology companies in Markham.

Also, industrial and financial companies such as Honda and Toyota are among the many corporate names operating in the city.

Markham is one of the cities in Canada with more than 50% of immigrants. Almost half of the population is Chinese, while just under a fifth is from South Asia.

Markham is one of the best destinations in the country for skilled workers.


Now that you know the Canadian cities that welcome the most immigrants, it is left for you to choose the one that suits you most.

Ensure that you share this with your colleagues online. They may also be interested in knowing them. Thanks

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