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Best Private Universities In Ghana To Study BSc Courses

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Are you in search for the list of  Best Private Universities In Ghana To Study BSc Courses ?

Luckily! This webpage will give you the updated information.

Here are some of the top private universities in Ghana known for offering quality BSc courses:

  1. Ashesi University: Ashesi is a renowned private institution in Ghana that focuses on providing quality education in fields such as Business Administration, Computer Science, Management Information Systems, and Engineering.
  2. Central University: Central University offers a wide range of BSc programs, including Business Administration, Nursing, Computer Science, Banking and Finance, and Pharmacy.
  3. Valley View University: Valley View University is known for its programs in Business Administration, Computer Science, Information Technology, Nursing, and Education.
  4. Regent University College of Science and Technology: Regent University offers BSc programs in areas such as Computer Science, Information Systems Sciences, Accounting, Economics, and Entrepreneurship.
  5. Webster University Ghana: Webster University offers various BSc programs, including International Relations, Business Administration, Media Communications, and Computer Science.
  6. Lancaster University Ghana: Lancaster University Ghana offers BSc programs in Accounting and Finance, Computer Science, Business Management, and Marketing.
  7. Wisconsin International University College: Wisconsin offers BSc courses in Business Administration, Computer Science, Information Technology, and Nursing.

Note: It is important to conduct further research into each university and consider factors such as curriculum, faculty, facilities, alumni network, and student support services before making a final decision. Additionally, accreditation and recognition from relevant educational bodies in Ghana should be considered to ensure the degree holds value and recognition.

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