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Secondary School Lesson Notes and Scheme of Work

SS3 Third Term Photography Lesson Note and Scheme of Work

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SS3 Third Term Photography Lesson Note and Scheme of Work


Photography Lesson Note and Scheme of Work: SS3 Third Term


Welcome to the final term of our photography journey together! In this SS3 Third Term Photography Lesson Note and Scheme of Work, we’ll wrap up our exploration of photography with advanced topics and practical applications. Let’s dive in and make the most of our remaining time together.


Week 1: Advanced Photo Editing


Delving deeper into photo editing software and techniques.

Exploring advanced editing tools such as layers, masks, and advanced retouching.

Practical activity: Editing previously captured photos using advanced editing techniques.

Week 2: Fine Art Photography


Understanding the principles of fine art photography and its expressive potential.

Exploring conceptual photography and visual storytelling.

Practical activity: Creating fine art photography projects based on personal interpretation and expression.

Week 3: Documentary Film Making


Expanding beyond still photography to explore documentary filmmaking techniques.

Understanding the role of storytelling, cinematography, and editing in documentary filmmaking.

Practical activity: Planning and shooting short documentary films on selected topics.

Week 4: Advanced Photojournalism


Exploring advanced techniques and ethics in photojournalism.

Understanding the responsibilities and challenges of capturing news events and social issues.

Practical activity: Covering a simulated news event or social issue through photojournalism.

Week 5: Conceptual Photography


Exploring the realm of conceptual photography and visual metaphors.

Understanding how to convey abstract ideas and emotions through imagery.

Practical activity: Creating conceptual photography projects based on assigned themes or concepts.

Week 6: Environmental Portraiture


Exploring environmental portraiture techniques and storytelling.

Understanding how to capture portraits that reflect the subject’s surroundings and lifestyle.

Practical activity: Shooting environmental portraits of classmates or community members.

Week 7: Advanced Lighting Setups


Exploring advanced lighting setups such as studio strobes, continuous lighting, and gels.

Understanding how to manipulate light to create mood and atmosphere in photographs.

Practical activity: Setting up and experimenting with advanced lighting configurations in studio or outdoor settings.

Week 8: Photography Critique and Analysis


Engaging in peer critique and analysis of each other’s work.

Understanding how to give and receive constructive feedback on photographic projects.

Practical activity: Participating in group critiques and discussions to analyze and improve photographic work.

Week 9: Portfolio Review and Presentation


Reviewing and refining portfolios from previous weeks’ activities.

Understanding how to curate and present a cohesive body of work for exhibition or publication.

Practical activity: Revising and preparing portfolios for final presentation.

Week 10: Career and Future Opportunities


Exploring career paths and opportunities in photography and related fields.

Understanding how to navigate the professional landscape and build a successful career in photography.

Practical activity: Researching and presenting on career options and pathways in photography.

Week 11: Revision Week


Reviewing key concepts and techniques covered throughout the term.

Addressing any questions or concerns from students.

Practical activity: Conducting a review quiz or practical exercises to reinforce learning.

Week 12: Examination Week


Administering a written and practical photography examination.

Evaluation of students’ understanding and application of advanced photography concepts.

Practical activity: Conducting photography exams as per examination guidelines.

Week 13: Graduation and Farewell


Celebrating the culmination of our photography journey with a graduation ceremony.

Reflecting on our growth and achievements throughout the course.

Practical activity: Organizing a farewell event with presentations, awards, and final reflections on our photography experiences.

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