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Past Questions and Answers

SS3 Second Term Creative Arts Past Questions And Answers

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SS3 Second Term Creative Arts Past Questions And Answers


Here are 20 SS3 Second Term Creative Arts questions with options and answers:


Question: Which art movement is known for its use of everyday objects as artistic materials?


A. Surrealism

B. Dada

C. Cubism

D. Pop Art

Answer: D. Pop Art

Question: Who painted “The Persistence of Memory,” featuring melting clocks?


A. Salvador Dalí

B. Pablo Picasso

C. Henri Matisse

D. Frida Kahlo

Answer: A. Salvador Dalí

Question: In theater, what is the term for the written text of a play?


A. Manuscript

B. Dialogue

C. Script

D. Libretto

Answer: C. Script

Question: Which African country is known for its rich tradition of beadwork in art?


A. Nigeria

B. Kenya

C. South Africa

D. Egypt

Answer: B. Kenya

Question: Who is considered the pioneer of modern dance and choreography?


A. Isadora Duncan

B. Martha Graham

C. Rudolf Nureyev

D. Mikhail Baryshnikov

Answer: A. Isadora Duncan

Question: What is the traditional Japanese tea ceremony called?


A. Chanoyu

B. Sado

C. Kaiseki

D. Ikebana

Answer: A. Chanoyu

Question: Which literary term refers to the repetition of initial consonant sounds in a series of words?


A. Alliteration

B. Simile

C. Metaphor

D. Onomatopoeia

Answer: A. Alliteration

Question: Who is the author of the play “A Doll’s House”?


A. Anton Chekhov

B. Henrik Ibsen

C. Tennessee Williams

D. Arthur Miller

Answer: B. Henrik Ibsen

Question: What is the main characteristic of Pointillism in visual art?


A. Use of bold colors

B. Use of small dots of color

C. Depiction of everyday scenes

D. Distorted and exaggerated forms

Answer: B. Use of small dots of color

Question: Which dance style originated in the Caribbean and is known for its rhythmic hip movements?


A. Flamenco

B. Samba

C. Salsa

D. Hula

Answer: C. Salsa

Question: What is the name of the traditional mask dance from the Indonesian island of Bali?


A. Kabuki

B. Wayang Kulit

C. Barong Dance

D. Balinese Legong

Answer: D. Balinese Legong

Question: Who is the author of the classic play “Death of a Salesman”?


A. Arthur Miller

B. Tennessee Williams

C. Eugene O’Neill

D. Harold Pinter

Answer: A. Arthur Miller

Question: In literature, what is a haiku?


A. 14-line poem

B. 3-line poem with 17 syllables

C. Long narrative poem

D. Poem with rhyming couplets

Answer: B. 3-line poem with 17 syllables

Question: Which art movement focused on depicting the industrial landscape and urban life?


A. Realism

B. Impressionism

C. Cubism

D. Futurism

Answer: D. Futurism

Question: What is the traditional dance of the Maori people in New Zealand?


A. Haka

B. Siva

C. Polka

D. Cossack Dance

Answer: A. Haka

Question: Who is known for the novel “One Hundred Years of Solitude”?


A. Gabriel Garcia Marquez

B. Julio Cortazar

C. Isabel Allende

D. Mario Vargas Llosa

Answer: A. Gabriel Garcia Marquez

Question: What is the term for a painting technique that creates a hazy, blurred effect?


A. Pointillism

B. Sfumato

C. Tenebrism

D. Chiaroscuro

Answer: B. Sfumato

Question: Which theater form involves puppetry and originated in Japan?


A. Kabuki

B. Noh

C. Bunraku

D. Kyogen

Answer: C. Bunraku

Question: Who is known for the iconic photograph “Migrant Mother” during the Great Depression?


A. Dorothea Lange

B. Ansel Adams

C. Margaret Bourke-White

D. Alfred Stieglitz

Answer: A. Dorothea Lange

Question: What is the term for a dramatic work in which the main character faces downfall due to a tragic flaw?


A. Comedy

B. Tragedy

C. Farce

D. Melodrama

Answer: B. Tragedy.

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