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Past Questions and Answers

SS3 First Term Geography Past Questions And Answers

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SS3 First Term Geography Past Questions And Answers

Here they are;


Question: What is the main difference between weather and climate?


a) Weather changes daily

b) Climate is short-term

c) Weather is long-term

d) Climate changes hourly

Answer: a) Weather changes daily

Question: Which imaginary line divides the Earth into Eastern and Western Hemispheres?


a) Prime Meridian

b) Equator

c) Tropic of Cancer

d) International Date Line

Answer: a) Prime Meridian

Question: What is the term for the process by which rocks are broken down into smaller particles?


a) Erosion

b) Weathering

c) Sedimentation

d) Deposition

Answer: b) Weathering

Question: Which type of map is specifically designed to show the natural features of an area?


a) Political map

b) Topographic map

c) Climatic map

d) Physical map

Answer: d) Physical map

Question: What is the primary cause of earthquakes?


a) Volcanic activity

b) Plate tectonics

c) Wind erosion

d) Human activities

Answer: b) Plate tectonics

Question: Which layer of the Earth is composed mainly of solid rock that can flow over time?


a) Crust

b) Mantle

c) Outer core

d) Inner core

Answer: b) Mantle

Question: What is the term for the circular movement of ocean water caused by the Coriolis effect?


a) Tides

b) Currents

c) Waves

d) Tsunamis

Answer: b) Currents

Question: Which biome is characterized by dense, evergreen forests with diverse wildlife?


a) Tundra

b) Desert

c) Rainforest

d) Grassland

Answer: c) Rainforest

Question: What is the primary source of energy for the water cycle?


a) Wind

b) Sun

c) Moon

d) Earth’s core

Answer: b) Sun

Question: What is the term for the natural process of soil particles being carried away by water or wind?


a) Erosion

b) Leaching

c) Deposition

d) Sedimentation

Answer: a) Erosion

Question: In which layer of the atmosphere does weather occur?


a) Troposphere

b) Stratosphere

c) Mesosphere

d) Thermosphere

Answer: a) Troposphere

Question: Which type of agriculture involves cultivating a single crop on a large scale?


a) Subsistence farming

b) Mixed farming

c) Commercial farming

d) Organic farming

Answer: c) Commercial farming

Question: What is the primary factor influencing the distribution of vegetation on Earth?


a) Temperature

b) Rainfall

c) Altitude

d) Soil fertility

Answer: b) Rainfall

Question: Which gas makes up the majority of Earth’s atmosphere?


a) Oxygen

b) Nitrogen

c) Carbon dioxide

d) Argon

Answer: b) Nitrogen

Question: What is the term for a narrow strip of land connecting two larger landmasses and separating bodies of water?


a) Peninsula

b) Isthmus

c) Delta

d) Plateau

Answer: b) Isthmus

Question: Which ocean is the largest and covers more than 30% of the Earth’s surface?


a) Atlantic Ocean

b) Indian Ocean

c) Southern Ocean

d) Pacific Ocean

Answer: d) Pacific Ocean

Question: What is the term for the movement of people from one place to another?


a) Immigration

b) Migration

c) Emigration

d) Repatriation

Answer: b) Migration

Question: Which type of rock is formed from the cooling and solidification of molten magma?


a) Sedimentary rock

b) Metamorphic rock

c) Igneous rock

d) Fossiliferous rock

Answer: c) Igneous rock

Question: What is the primary factor responsible for the creation of deserts?


a) Low temperatures

b) High rainfall

c) Wind erosion

d) Lack of rainfall

Answer: d) Lack of rainfall

Question: Which latitude receives the most direct sunlight and experiences the warmest temperatures?


a) Tropic of Cancer

b) Equator

c) Tropic of Capricorn

d) Arctic Circle

Answer: b) Equator.

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