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Secondary School Lesson Notes and Scheme of Work

SS2 First Term Store Keeping Lesson Note and Scheme of Work

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SS2 First Term Store Keeping Lesson Note and Scheme of Work


Week 1: Introduction to Store Keeping

Lesson Note:


Define store keeping and its importance.

Discuss the role of a storekeeper.

Introduce basic store layout and organization.

Scheme of Work:


Class discussion on the significance of store keeping.

Group activity: Arrange a small model store to understand layout principles.

Week 2: Types of Stores and Inventory Control

Lesson Note:


Explore different types of stores (centralized, decentralized).

Discuss inventory control methods.

Explain stocktaking and its importance.

Scheme of Work:


Class presentation on types of stores.

Practical exercise: Inventory control simulation.

Week 3: Stock Requisition and Issuing

Lesson Note:


Teach the process of stock requisition.

Discuss proper issuing procedures.

Highlight the importance of accurate documentation.

Scheme of Work:


Role-playing activity: Simulate stock requisition and issuing scenarios.

Practical session: Documenting stock transactions.

Week 4: Safety and Security in the Store

Lesson Note:


Emphasize safety measures in the store.

Discuss security measures for inventory protection.

Introduce fire safety protocols.

Scheme of Work:


Group discussion on the importance of safety in the store.

Fire drill practice.

Week 5: Handling Perishable and Non-Perishable Goods

Lesson Note:


Differentiate between perishable and non-perishable goods.

Discuss storage conditions for each.

Scheme of Work:


Group activity: Categorize goods as perishable or non-perishable.

Field trip to a local store to observe storage practices.

Week 6: Record Keeping in Store Keeping

Lesson Note:


Teach the significance of accurate record-keeping.

Explain various record-keeping methods.

Scheme of Work:


Practical session: Maintaining store records.

Class discussion on challenges and solutions in record-keeping.

Week 7: Store Equipment and Tools

Lesson Note:


Introduce various equipment and tools used in store keeping.

Explain the maintenance of store equipment.

Scheme of Work:


Hands-on experience: Handling store equipment.

Group presentation on the importance of maintaining tools.

Week 8: Vendor Management

Lesson Note:


Discuss the importance of effective vendor management.

Teach negotiation skills with suppliers.

Scheme of Work:


Role-playing activity: Simulate vendor negotiations.

Class discussion on the role of vendors in store management.

Week 9: Quality Control and Inspection

Lesson Note:


Emphasize the importance of quality control.

Teach inspection techniques for incoming goods.

Scheme of Work:


Inspection demonstration.

Group activity: Quality control checklist creation.

Week 10: Budgeting and Financial Management

Lesson Note:


Discuss budgeting principles in store keeping.

Introduce financial management techniques.

Scheme of Work:


Case study analysis: Budgeting challenges in store management.

Group discussion on effective financial management.

Week 11: Revision Week



Review key concepts from previous weeks.

Conduct quizzes and group discussions for reinforcement.

Week 12: Examination Week



Administer examinations covering the entire term’s content.

Week 13: School Dismissal Week



Recap key learnings from the term.

Distribute examination results.

Provide guidelines for the next term.

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