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Secondary School Lesson Notes and Scheme of Work

SS1 Second Term Food and Nutrition Lesson Note and Scheme of Work

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SS1 Second Term Food and Nutrition Lesson Note and Scheme of Work


Week 1-3: Food Preparation Techniques

Lesson Note:


Introduce various food preparation methods (boiling, baking, frying, etc.).

Emphasize the impact of cooking methods on nutritional content.

Activities: Cooking demonstrations showcasing different preparation techniques, and a group project on recipe development.

Scheme of Work:


Week 1: Introduction to Cooking Methods

Week 2: Impact of Cooking on Nutrients

Week 3: Practical Session – Recipe Development

Week 4-6: Meal Planning and Nutrition for Special Groups

Lesson Note:


Discuss meal planning for specific dietary needs (children, elderly, athletes).

Explore nutritional requirements during pregnancy and lactation.

Activities: Group discussions on specialized meal plans, and a research project on nutrition for a chosen special group.

Scheme of Work:


Week 4: Meal Planning for Special Groups

Week 5: Nutrition during Pregnancy and Lactation

Week 6: Research Project Presentation

Week 7-9: Food Security and Sustainable Agriculture

Lesson Note:


Introduce concepts of food security and sustainable agriculture.

Discuss the impact of agriculture on food availability and accessibility.

Activities: Class debate on sustainable agriculture, and a field trip to a local farm.

Scheme of Work:


Week 7: Understanding Food Security

Week 8: Sustainable Agriculture Practices

Week 9: Field Trip – Local Farm Visit

Week 10-13: Culinary Arts and Final Project

Lesson Note:


Explore the basics of culinary arts and food presentation.

Assign a final project for students to showcase their understanding of the course.

Activities: Culinary arts practical sessions, and group presentations of final projects.

Scheme of Work:


Week 10: Introduction to Culinary Arts

Week 11: Revision Week (Culinary Arts Practical)

Week 12: Examination Week

Week 13: Final Project Presentation and School Dismissal.

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