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School Of Nursing Mkar School Fees

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If you are considering pursuing a nursing career in Nigeria, the School of Nursing Mkar in Benue State is an excellent choice. Established in 1951, it is one of Nigeria’s oldest nursing schools, offering a range of undergraduate and postgraduate nursing programs.

One of the important factors to consider when selecting a nursing school is the cost of tuition. Fortunately, the School of Nursing Mkar provides affordable and competitive school fees, making it an ideal option for students who wish to save money while receiving quality education.

School Fees

The school fees at the School of Nursing Mkar vary depending on the specific course you intend to study. Here is a breakdown of the general fees for each program:

1. Basic Nursing: N15,000 per session
2. Post Basic Nursing: N25,000 per session
3. Enrolled Nursing: N10,000 per session
4. Midwifery: N20,000 per session

Affordability of School Fees

There are several reasons why the School of Nursing Mkar offers such affordable school fees:

1. Public Institution: As a public nursing school, it receives funding from the government, enabling them to keep the fees at a reasonable level.
2. Reputation and Quality: The School of Nursing Mkar has a long-standing reputation for providing quality nursing education. This reputation allows them to attract students from across Nigeria, contributing to the affordability of the school fees.
3. Location: Situated in a rural area, the cost of living is relatively lower compared to urban centers. This factor also contributes to the overall affordability of the school fees.

Payment Options

To facilitate the payment of school fees, the School of Nursing Mkar offers various payment methods, including:

1. Bank Transfer: You can transfer the fees directly to the school’s bank account.
2. Cash Payment: Pay the fees in cash at the cashier’s office located within the school premises.
3. Online Payment: Utilize the school’s website for convenient online fee payment.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Are there scholarships available for students at the School of Nursing Mkar?
Yes, the School of Nursing Mkar offers several scholarships based on academic merit, financial need, and other criteria. Students are encouraged to inquire about scholarship opportunities during the admission process.

2. What are the job prospects for graduates from the School of Nursing Mkar?
Graduates from the School of Nursing Mkar have excellent job prospects. The demand for nurses in Nigeria and worldwide is high. They can pursue careers in various healthcare settings, including hospitals, clinics, schools, private practices, government sectors, and international organizations.

3. How can I find out more about the School of Nursing Mkar?
For more information about the School of Nursing Mkar, visit their official website. Additionally, you can contact the admissions office directly to obtain detailed information regarding admission requirements, curriculum, and other relevant aspects.


Choosing the right nursing school is a crucial step towards building a successful career in nursing.

The School of Nursing Mkar stands out as an affordable and reputable institution that offers quality nursing education. With its competitive school fees, supported by government funding and situated in a rural area, aspiring nurses can receive an excellent education without burdening themselves financially.

Consider the School of Nursing Mkar for a fulfilling and affordable nursing education experience.

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