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Past Questions and Answers

NECO IRS/IRK Past Questions And Answers (Objective and Theory)

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NECO IRS/IRK Past Questions And Answers (Objective and Theory)


Section A: Multiple Choice Questions


What is the term for the Islamic practice of charitable giving, often calculated as a fixed percentage of one’s wealth?


A) Zakat

B) Hajj

C) Sawm

D) Shahada

Answer: A) Zakat


In Islam, what is the night journey and ascension of Prophet Muhammad called?


A) Isra

B) Miraaj

C) Laylat al-Qadr

D) Hijra

Answer: B) Miraaj


Which Islamic month is known as the “Month of Forgiveness” and is considered the holiest month in the Islamic calendar?


A) Rabi’ al-Awwal

B) Dhul-Hijjah

C) Ramadan

D) Shawwal

Answer: C) Ramadan


What is the significance of the Kaaba in Islam?


A) It is the Prophet Muhammad’s house.

B) It is the birthplace of Prophet Ibrahim.

C) It is the holiest site in Islam, located in Mecca.

D) It is the first mosque built in Medina.

Answer: C) It is the holiest site in Islam, located in Mecca.


Which caliph is considered the first successor to Prophet Muhammad in Shia Islam?


A) Abu Bakr

B) Umar

C) Ali

D) Uthman

Answer: C) Ali


Section B: Theory Questions


Discuss the concept of Sunnah and its role in shaping Islamic practices and ethics.

Answer: Sunnah refers to the practices and teachings of Prophet Muhammad. It complements the Quran, providing a guide for personal conduct, legal matters, and social interactions. Following the Sunnah is integral for Muslims to emulate the Prophet’s exemplary life.


Explain the concept of Qadr (Divine Decree) in Islam and its implications for human free will.

Answer: Qadr is the belief in Allah’s predestination of all events. It coexists with human free will, emphasizing that Allah’s knowledge encompasses everything while humans are responsible for their choices. This concept encourages acceptance and trust in God’s plan.


Describe the role of mosques in Islam and their significance as community centers.

Answer: Mosques are places of worship and community gathering in Islam. They serve as centers for prayers, religious education, and community events. Mosques play a vital role in fostering unity, spiritual growth, and social cohesion within the Muslim community.


Discuss the importance of family in Islam and the principles of family life outlined in Islamic teachings.

Answer: Islam places great emphasis on family values. The family is considered the foundation of society. Islamic teachings promote mutual respect, compassion, and shared responsibilities within the family, emphasizing the well-being of each family member.


Explain the concept of Ihsan in Islam and its significance in the spiritual development of a Muslim.

Answer: Ihsan refers to the highest level of faith, where a Muslim worships Allah as if seeing Him or knowing that He sees everything. It involves sincerity and excellence in worship, encouraging believers to strive for spiritual excellence and mindfulness in their actions.

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