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List Of Private Law Schools In South Africa

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South Africa boasts a rich legal history and a diverse range of educational institutions offering law degrees.

Alongside the public law schools, there are several private law schools in South Africa that provide excellent opportunities for aspiring legal professionals.

In this blog post, we will explore the benefits of choosing a private law school in South Africa, highlight some of the top institutions, discuss the degree options available, and provide insights into potential career paths and financial considerations.

Why Choose a Private Law School in South Africa?

Opting for a private law school in South Africa can offer several advantages. These institutions generally provide smaller class sizes, allowing for more personalized attention and interaction with faculty. Moreover, private law schools often offer flexible schedules, accommodating students who may have work or other commitments.

Additionally, these schools tend to have strong connections within the legal community, presenting valuable networking opportunities and enhancing employment prospects upon graduation.

Top Private Law Schools in South Africa

1. The IVY Law School:

Known for its academic excellence, The IVY Law School is a leading private institution in South Africa. Offering various law degrees such as the LLB, LLM, and LLD, it boasts a distinguished reputation, and its graduates are highly sought-after by law firms and employers.

2. South African Law School:

Another prestigious private law school, the South African Law School, focuses on practical legal education. Alongside the LLB, LLM, and LLD programs, this institution equips graduates with the skills and knowledge necessary for success in the legal profession.

3. Afrikaans Law School:

The Afrikaans Law School caters specifically to Afrikaans-speaking students. Renowned for its academic excellence, this private law school offers the LLB, LLM, and LLD degrees. Graduates from this institution are highly regarded by law firms and other employers.

Requirements for Studying Law at a Private Law School in South Africa

To pursue a law degree at a private law school in South Africa, you will typically need a high school diploma or an equivalent qualification. Additionally, most institutions require applicants to pass the National Benchmark Test (NBT) in English and mathematics.

Types of Law Degrees Offered at Private Law Schools in South Africa

Private law schools in South Africa offer two primary types of law degrees:

1. Bachelor of Laws (LLB):

The LLB is an undergraduate degree program that spans three years. It provides a comprehensive foundation in legal principles and prepares students for entry into the legal profession or further postgraduate studies.

2. Master of Laws (LLM):

The LLM is a one-year postgraduate degree that allows students to specialize in a particular area of law. It is an advanced program that enhances expertise and opens up avenues for research and academic pursuits.

Career Prospects for Law Graduates from Private Law Schools in South Africa

Graduates from private law schools in South Africa have diverse career opportunities. Some common career paths include:

– Lawyer
– Judge
– Prosecutor
– Legal advisor
– Human rights lawyer
– Corporate lawyer
– Tax lawyer
– Environmental lawyer

Costs and Financial Aid for Studying Law at Private Law Schools in South Africa

The tuition fees for studying law at a private law school in South Africa can vary depending on the institution. Typically, annual tuition fees range from R30,000 to R60,000. However, there are numerous scholarships and bursaries available to assist students in financing their legal education. These financial aid options can be offered by both government bodies and private organizations.


South Africa provides a conducive environment for aspiring legal professionals, with a range of private law schools offering excellent education and opportunities. Whether you value personalized attention, flexible schedules, strong connections to the legal community, or academic excellence, private law schools in South Africa can be a stepping stone to a successful legal career.

Consider your options, explore the institutions mentioned above, and embark on a fulfilling journey towards a legal education in South Africa.

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