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Secondary School Lesson Notes and Scheme of Work

JSS2 Third Term Agricultural Science Lesson Note and Scheme of Work

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JSS2 Third Term Agricultural Science Lesson Note and Scheme of Work


Week 1: Introduction to Third Term Topics


Overview of the new term’s focus

Recap of essential concepts from previous terms

Week 2: Agricultural Economics I – Farm Planning and Budgeting


Importance of farm planning

Budgeting for agricultural activities

Economic considerations in farming

Week 3: Agricultural Economics II – Marketing Strategies


Marketing principles for agricultural products

Value addition and packaging

Market research and advertising in agriculture

Week 4: Agroforestry


Introduction to agroforestry

Benefits of integrating trees in farming

Agroforestry practices and management

Week 5: Irrigation and Water Management


Importance of irrigation in agriculture

Types of irrigation systems

Water conservation practices

Week 6: Agricultural Biotechnology


Basics of biotechnology in agriculture

Genetically modified organisms (GMOs)

Ethical considerations in agricultural biotechnology

Week 7: Agricultural Cooperatives


Formation and benefits of cooperatives

Cooperative marketing and purchasing

Role of cooperatives in rural development

Week 8: Food Security and Nutrition


Factors influencing food security

Nutritional requirements for different age groups

Strategies for enhancing food security

Week 9: Entrepreneurship in Agriculture


Introduction to agricultural entrepreneurship

Business planning for farming ventures

Funding opportunities for agricultural startups

Week 10: Climate Change and Agriculture


Impact of climate change on agriculture

Adaptation and mitigation strategies

Sustainable farming practices in a changing climate

Week 11: Revision Week


Review of third term topics

Practice exams and group discussions

Week 12: Examination Week


Written and practical exams for the third term

Evaluation of students’ understanding

Week 13: School Dismissal Week


Recap of the entire academic year

Distribution of final report cards

Closing ceremonies and farewell to students.

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