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Augustine University: Dress Code, Rules, and Regulations

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Established in 2002, Augustine University is a private university in Ghana that maintains a professional and respectful environment through its dress code and strict rules and regulations. Understanding and adhering to these guidelines are essential for all students.

Dress Code

The dress code at Augustine University aims to uphold a neat and presentable appearance for students. Specific requirements may vary based on gender and the occasion. Let’s take a closer look at the dress code for male and female students:

For male students:
– Trousers or shorts should be of an appropriate length and fit.
– Shirts must be neatly tucked in at all times.
– Tank tops, sleeveless shirts, and t-shirts with offensive language or images are not allowed.
– Closed-toed shoes in good condition are required.

For female students:
– Skirts or dresses should adhere to the standard length and fit.
– Blouses must be tucked in neatly.
– Tank tops, sleeveless shirts, and t-shirts with offensive language or images are not permitted.
– Closed-toed shoes in good condition are to be worn.

Rules and Regulations

In addition to the dress code, Augustine University enforces various rules and regulations to maintain a conducive learning environment. Here are some key guidelines:

1. No smoking or vaping is allowed on campus.
2. Alcohol and drugs are strictly prohibited on campus.
3. Weapons are not permitted on campus.
4. Disruptive behavior that affects the learning atmosphere is not tolerated.
5. Regular attendance in all classes and labs is mandatory.
6. Students must strive to maintain a minimum GPA.

Violation of Dress Code or Rules and Regulations

Students who fail to comply with the dress code or rules and regulations may face disciplinary action. Consequences can range from warnings to fines or even suspension.

FAQ About Augustine University Dress Code and Rules and Regulations

1. What happens if someone violates the dress code?
Violating the dress code may lead to disciplinary action, which includes warnings, fines, or even suspension.

2. Do international students have different rules and regulations?
International students are expected to follow the same rules and regulations as Ghanaian students. However, they should also adhere to the laws and regulations of their home country.

3. Are there any exceptions to the dress code?
Certain exceptions to the dress code may be considered for religious reasons or during sporting events. However, prior approval from the university administration is required.


Augustine University maintains a professional environment through its dress code and rules and regulations. By adhering to these guidelines, students contribute to a respectful atmosphere conducive to learning. It is important to understand and follow the dress code and rules to avoid any disciplinary consequences.

For more detailed information, students can refer to the university’s official website or contact the administration.

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