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Secondary School Lesson Notes and Scheme of Work

SS2 First Term Clothing and Textile Lesson Note and Scheme of Work

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SS2 First Term Clothing and Textile Lesson Note and Scheme of Work


Subject: Clothing and Textile

Class: SS2 (Senior Secondary 2)

Term: First Term

Week 1 – Introduction to Clothing and Textile:


Overview of the course objectives and expectations.

Introduction to basic textile materials and their properties.

Class discussion on the importance of clothing and textile in everyday life.

Week 2 – Understanding Fabrics:


Identification and classification of different types of fabrics.

Practical session: Fabric analysis – students examine various fabrics and discuss their characteristics.

Homework: Research and presentation on a specific fabric type.

Week 3 – Basic Sewing Techniques:


Introduction to basic sewing tools and their uses.

Demonstration and hands-on practice of essential sewing stitches.

Group project: Creating simple stitched patterns.

Week 4 – Garment Construction Basics:


Understanding garment patterns and measurements.

Practical session: Cutting and stitching simple garments.

Class discussion on the importance of accurate measurements in garment construction.

Week 5 – Embellishments and Decorations:


Exploring different techniques for embellishing fabrics.

Practical session: Students design and decorate a plain fabric.

Group discussion on the cultural significance of textile embellishments.

Week 6 – Textile Printing Techniques:


Overview of various textile printing methods.

Hands-on experience: Students try block printing and screen printing.

Class discussion on the impact of textile printing on fashion.

Week 7 – Traditional Textile Arts:


Study of traditional textile arts from different cultures.

Guest speaker or field trip to a local textile artisan or cultural museum.

Reflective essay: Students write about the influence of traditional textile arts on contemporary fashion.

Week 8 – Textile Care and Maintenance:


Importance of proper care for different fabrics.

Demonstration on washing, ironing, and storing garments.

Group activity: Creating care labels for common fabrics.

Week 9 – Fashion Design Principles:


Introduction to basic principles of fashion design.

Group project: Students create a mood board for a fashion collection.

Peer review and critique session.

Week 10 – Clothing and Textile Industry:


Overview of the global clothing and textile industry.

Class discussion on ethical and sustainable practices in the industry.

Research assignment: Students explore a specific aspect of the clothing and textile industry and present findings.

Week 11 – Revision Week:


Review of key concepts and practical skills covered in the term.

Practice tests and quizzes to reinforce learning.

One-on-one consultations with students for clarification on any challenging topics.

Week 12 – Examination Week:


Written and practical examinations to assess understanding and skills.

Evaluation of individual and group projects.

Feedback session: Discussion of exam performance and areas for improvement.

Week 13 – School Dismissal Week:


Recap of the term’s highlights and achievements.

Distribution of certificates or recognition for outstanding performance.

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