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Secondary School Lesson Notes and Scheme of Work

SS1 Third Term Technical Drawing Lesson Note and Scheme of Work

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SS1 Third Term Technical Drawing Lesson Note and Scheme of Work


Third Term: Technical Drawing

Week 1: Introduction to Mechanical Drawings

Lesson Note: Begin the term with a focus on mechanical drawings, exploring the specifics of representing machinery and mechanical components.


Scheme of Work:


Overview of mechanical drawings

Basics of representing machinery

Week 2: Advanced Engineering Graphics

Lesson Note: Build on engineering graphics knowledge, delving into advanced symbols, notations, and standards.


Scheme of Work:


Advanced engineering graphics symbols

Interpretation and application

Week 3: Project Work Refinement

Lesson Note: Guide students in refining and completing their ongoing projects, emphasizing precision and attention to detail.


Scheme of Work:


Project refinement sessions

Finalization of project drawings

Week 4: Exploded Views

Lesson Note: Introduce students to exploded views, teaching them how to represent assemblies with separated components.


Scheme of Work:


Understanding exploded views

Drawing exploded views

Week 5: Technical Drawing in Architecture

Lesson Note: Explore the application of technical drawing in architecture, covering floor plans and elevations.


Scheme of Work:


Basics of architectural drawings

Drawing floor plans and elevations

Week 6: Structural Drawings

Lesson Note: Shift focus to structural drawings, teaching students how to represent elements like beams, columns, and trusses.


Scheme of Work:


Overview of structural drawings

Drawing structural components

Week 7: Project Work Presentation

Lesson Note: Instruct students on effective project presentation techniques, preparing them to showcase their work.


Scheme of Work:


Presentation skills

Rehearsals for project presentations

Week 8: Technical Drawing in Manufacturing

Lesson Note: Discuss the role of technical drawing in manufacturing processes, covering aspects like machining and tolerances.


Scheme of Work:


Manufacturing drawings

Machining and tolerance considerations

Week 9: Design Principles

Lesson Note: Explore design principles in technical drawing, focusing on aesthetics and functionality.


Scheme of Work:


Basics of design principles

Applying design to technical drawings

Week 10: Review and Practice

Lesson Note: Conduct a comprehensive review of third-term topics and provide additional practice.


Scheme of Work:


Review of advanced concepts

Practice exercises

Week 11: Revision Week



Comprehensive review of all third-term topics

Practice tests and quizzes

Week 12: Third Term Examination



Conduct final examinations for the third term

Week 13: School Dismissal Week



Distribute exam results

Recap key learnings

Provide resources for further exploration during the break.

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