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Secondary School Lesson Notes and Scheme of Work

SS1 Third Term Automobile Parts Merchandising Lesson Note and Scheme of Work

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SS1 Third Term Automobile Parts Merchandising Lesson Note and Scheme of Work


Automobile Parts Merchandising Lesson Note and Scheme of Work



Welcome to the third term of Senior Secondary School 1 (SS1) Automobile Parts Merchandising course. This term promises to be an exciting journey as we delve deeper into the world of automobile parts and merchandising. Throughout this term, students will learn about various components of vehicles, their functions, and how to effectively merchandise them. The scheme of work for the term is outlined below, including activities for each week.


Week 1 – Introduction to Automobile Parts Merchandising


Introduction to the course outline and objectives.

Explanation of the importance of automobile parts merchandising.

Overview of basic automobile parts and their functions.

Activity: Identifying and labeling common automobile parts.

Week 2 – Engine Components


Detailed study of engine components and their roles in vehicle operation.

Understanding the differences between gasoline and diesel engines.

Activity: Dissecting an engine model to identify different components.

Week 3 – Suspension and Steering Systems


Examination of suspension and steering systems in vehicles.

Learning about different types of suspension systems.

Activity: Analyzing the impact of suspension and steering systems on vehicle performance.

Week 4 – Braking Systems


Exploration of various braking systems used in automobiles.

Understanding the importance of brake maintenance and safety.

Activity: Demonstration of brake inspection and maintenance procedures.

Week 5 – Electrical Systems


Overview of electrical systems in vehicles, including wiring and components.

Study of common electrical problems and troubleshooting techniques.

Activity: Hands-on experience with electrical system diagnostics.

Week 6 – Transmission Systems


Comprehensive study of transmission systems, including manual and automatic transmissions.

Understanding the role of transmission in vehicle power delivery.

Activity: Practicing gear shifting techniques with manual transmission simulators.

Week 7 – Cooling and Heating Systems


Examination of cooling and heating systems in vehicles.

Learning about radiator maintenance and coolant types.

Activity: Simulated repair of a cooling system leak.

Week 8 – Exhaust Systems


Analysis of exhaust systems and their components.

Understanding emissions control and environmental regulations.

Activity: Inspecting and diagnosing exhaust system issues.

Week 9 – Fuel Systems


Detailed study of fuel delivery systems in vehicles.

Understanding fuel injection and carburetion principles.

Activity: Fuel system pressure testing and diagnosis.

Week 10 – Wheels, Tires, and Alignment


Exploration of wheels, tires, and alignment principles.

Learning about tire maintenance and rotation.

Activity: Conducting a wheel alignment demonstration.

Week 11 – Revision Week


Review of key concepts and topics covered throughout the term.

Practice quizzes and exercises to reinforce learning.

Activity: Group discussions and peer teaching sessions.

Week 12 – Examination Week


Final examination covering all topics studied during the term.

Week 13 – School Dismissal Week


Recap of the term’s achievements and challenges.

Distribution of certificates and recognition for outstanding performance.

Activity: Farewell party and celebration of learning.


The third term of SS1 Automobile Parts Merchandising promises to be an engaging and informative experience for students.

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