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Secondary School Lesson Notes and Scheme of Work

SS1 First Term Technical Drawing Lesson Note and Scheme of Work

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SS1 First Term Technical Drawing Lesson Note and Scheme of Work


Week 1: Introduction to Technical Drawing

Lesson Note: Introduce students to the basics of Technical Drawing, emphasizing its importance in various fields. Teach basic drawing tools and their uses.


Scheme of Work:


Introduction to Technical Drawing

Overview of drawing instruments

Demonstration on proper usage

Week 2: Geometric Constructions

Lesson Note: Focus on fundamental geometric constructions, including bisecting lines and angles, constructing perpendiculars, and parallel lines.


Scheme of Work:


Bisecting lines and angles

Constructing perpendicular lines

Drawing parallel lines

Week 3: Orthographic Projection

Lesson Note: Introduce students to Orthographic Projection, explaining its principles and importance in technical representation.


Scheme of Work:


Understanding Orthographic Projection

Drawing orthographic views

Week 4: Isometric Drawing

Lesson Note: Explore the concept of Isometric Drawing, teaching students how to represent 3D objects on a 2D plane.


Scheme of Work:


Introduction to Isometric Drawing

Drawing basic isometric shapes

Week 5: Sectional Views

Lesson Note: Teach students how to create sectional views, emphasizing the importance of understanding internal features.


Scheme of Work:


Overview of sectional views

Drawing sectional views

Week 6: Auxiliary Views

Lesson Note: Introduce students to Auxiliary Views, explaining their role in providing additional information about an object’s shape.


Scheme of Work:


Understanding Auxiliary Views

Drawing auxiliary views

Week 7: Pictorial Drawings

Lesson Note: Explore Pictorial Drawings, focusing on perspectives like perspective sketching and axonometric projections.


Scheme of Work:


Introduction to Pictorial Drawings

Drawing perspective sketches

Week 8: Technical Lettering

Lesson Note: Teach students proper technical lettering techniques for clear and professional-looking drawings.


Scheme of Work:


Importance of technical lettering

Practice technical lettering styles

Week 9: Dimensioning

Lesson Note: Emphasize the importance of accurate dimensioning and teach students how to dimension technical drawings correctly.


Scheme of Work:


Understanding dimensioning

Applying dimensions to drawings

Week 10: Review and Practice

Lesson Note: Conduct a comprehensive review of topics covered so far and provide practice exercises for reinforcement.


Scheme of Work:


Review of concepts

Practical exercises

Week 11: Revision Week



Comprehensive review of all topics

Practice tests and quizzes

Week 12: Examination Week



Conduct final examinations based on the covered material

Week 13: School Dismissal Week



Distribute exam results

Recap key learnings

Provide resources for continued learning over the break.

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