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List Of Art Courses Offered In Yabatech

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Are you in search for the list of Art courses offered in Yabatech?

Luckily, you are in the right webpage where you will get the current information on Yabatech Art courses.

Yaba College of Technology, also known as Yabatech, is a highly respected institution in Nigeria that excels in technological education and practical skill development. The college offers a diverse range of courses, including those in the arts.

Here is a list of the art courses offered at Yabatech:

1. Fine Art:

The Fine Art program at Yabatech is a four-year course that equips students with the necessary skills to become professional artists. It covers various aspects of fine art, including painting, sculpture, drawing, printmaking, and art history.

2. Graphic Design:

Graphic design is a dynamic and ever-evolving field that plays a crucial role in the world of art and media. Yabatech provides a comprehensive Graphic Design program that encompasses the fundamentals of design as well as advanced software tools and techniques. Students learn how to use design software, create logos, develop layouts, and design websites and apps.

3. Industrial Design:

Industrial design is an interdisciplinary field that combines art, engineering, and business to create innovative products and solutions. Yabatech’s Industrial Design program focuses on developing students’ skills in product design, prototyping, and manufacturing. Students learn how to use design software, sketch and model their ideas, and work with various materials and production techniques.

4. Textile Design:

Textile design is a specialized field that concentrates on creating innovative and functional fabrics and materials. Yabatech offers a Textile Design program that encompasses traditional techniques as well as cutting-edge digital tools. Students learn how to create designs, dye and print fabrics, and work with different materials and production methods.

5. Ceramics:

Ceramics is a unique and challenging medium that requires both technical skill and artistic vision. Yabatech’s Ceramics program covers a wide range of techniques, including hand-building, wheel throwing, glazing, and firing. Students learn how to work with various types of clay, create functional and decorative objects, and develop their artistic style.

6. Sculpture:

Sculpture is a three-dimensional art form that demands a deep understanding of form, space, and materials. Yabatech’s Sculpture program covers various techniques, including modeling, carving, and casting. Students learn how to work with different materials like wood, metal, and stone to create both representational and abstract sculptures.

7. Painting:

Painting is one of the oldest and most enduring art forms, and Yabatech’s Painting program aims to develop students’ skills in this area. Students learn how to work with different types of paint, refine their brushwork and color theory, and create both representational and abstract paintings.


These courses offer students a platform to explore their artistic talents, acquire valuable skills, and pursue a successful career in the art industry.

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