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Secondary School Lesson Notes and Scheme of Work

JSS3 Third Term Creative Arts Lesson Note and Scheme of Work

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JSS3 Third Term Creative Arts Lesson Note and Scheme of Work


JSS3 Third Term Creative Arts Lesson Note and Scheme of Work


Week 1: Graphic Design and Digital Arts


Lesson Note: Introduce the world of graphic design and digital arts.

Scheme of Work: Teach basic graphic design principles. Have students create digital artworks using software.

Week 2: Street Art and Public Expression


Lesson Note: Explore the concept of street art as a form of public expression.

Scheme of Work: Discuss famous street artists. Allow students to create temporary street art installations.

Week 3: Animation and Visual Effects


Lesson Note: Discuss the role of animation and visual effects in creative expression.

Scheme of Work: Introduce basic animation techniques. Have students create short animated clips.

Week 4: Radio Drama and Audio Storytelling


Lesson Note: Focus on the importance of audio storytelling in performing arts.

Scheme of Work: Teach the art of writing and producing radio dramas. Organize audio storytelling sessions.

Week 5: Dance Choreography and Performance


Lesson Note: Deepen understanding of dance through choreography and performance.

Scheme of Work: Guide students in creating dance routines. Organize a dance performance showcase.

Week 6: Literary Arts – Exploring Prose Writing


Lesson Note: Expand literary skills through prose writing.

Scheme of Work: Teach different prose writing styles – short stories, essays, and articles. Encourage students to write prose pieces.

Week 7: Public Art Installation Project


Lesson Note: Plan and execute a public art installation project.

Scheme of Work: Have students collaborate on creating a meaningful public art installation in the school or community.

Week 8: Music Production and Recording


Lesson Note: Explore the process of music production and recording.

Scheme of Work: Introduce basic music production software. Have students create and record their musical compositions.

Week 9: Creative Arts and Social Change


Lesson Note: Discuss how Creative Arts can contribute to social change.

Scheme of Work: Explore the impact of art in addressing social issues. Have students create art projects with a social message.

Week 10: Culminating Interdisciplinary Project


Lesson Note: Prepare students for a comprehensive interdisciplinary project that integrates various Creative Arts forms.

Scheme of Work: Discuss project ideas, assign roles, and guide students in planning their culminating project.

Week 11: Revision Week


Lesson Note: Review key concepts and skills covered throughout the term.

Week 12: Examination Week


Lesson Note: Conduct assessments based on the topics covered during the term.

Week 13: School Dismissal Week


Lesson Note: Wrap up the term, provide feedback on projects and assessments, and celebrate students’ creative achievements.

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