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Past Questions and Answers

JSS3 Second Term Music Past Questions And Answers

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JSS3 Second Term Music Past Questions And Answers


JSS3 second-term music questions:


Question: Which classical composer is famous for his “Four Seasons” compositions?


A) Mozart

B) Bach

C) Vivaldi

D) Beethoven

Answer: C) Vivaldi

Question: In music, what does the term “arpeggio” refer to?


A) A series of chords played in succession

B) A type of drum

C) A fast-paced dance

D) A vocal technique

Answer: A) A series of chords played in succession

Question: What is the purpose of the damper pedal on a piano?


A) Change pitch

B) Sustain notes

C) Increase volume

D) Create vibrato

Answer: B) Sustain notes

Question: Which music term indicates a gradual decrease in volume?


A) Crescendo

B) Fortissimo

C) Decrescendo

D) Pianissimo

Answer: C) Decrescendo

Question: What is the primary role of the bassoon in an orchestra?


A) Lead the melody

B) Provide rhythm

C) Play the highest notes

D) Handle the bass line

Answer: D) Handle the bass line

Question: Who is considered the “Father of the Symphony”?


A) Haydn

B) Mozart

C) Beethoven

D) Bach

Answer: A) Haydn

Question: What does the term “Allegro” commonly indicate in sheet music?


A) Slow tempo

B) Fast tempo

C) Moderate tempo

D) No tempo

Answer: B) Fast tempo

Question: Which percussion instrument is often used to keep the rhythm in a marching band?


A) Timpani

B) Xylophone

C) Snare drum

D) Tambourine

Answer: C) Snare drum

Question: What is the main function of a conductor’s left hand during a performance?


A) Control volume

B) Indicate tempo

C) Cue specific instruments

D) Maintain balance

Answer: C) Cue specific instruments

Question: Which term describes the technique of playing two notes simultaneously on a string instrument?


A) Vibrato

B) Pizzicato

C) Double stop

D) Glissando

Answer: C) Double stop

Question: Who composed the famous opera “The Magic Flute”?


A) Mozart

B) Verdi

C) Puccini

D) Wagner

Answer: A) Mozart

Question: Which musical term indicates a sudden, strong accent on a single note?


A) Staccato

B) Accent

C) Legato

D) Marcato

Answer: B) Accent

Question: What is the term for a composition for solo instrument and orchestra?


A) Symphony

B) Concerto

C) Sonata

D) Overture

Answer: B) Concerto

Question: Which instrument family includes the piccolo, flute, and clarinet?


A) Brass

B) Strings

C) Woodwinds

D) Percussion

Answer: C) Woodwinds

Question: What is the primary function of the cymbals in a percussion section?


A) Provide a steady beat

B) Create melodic lines

C) Add accents and crashes

D) Sustain notes

Answer: C) Add accents and crashes

Question: Who is known for blending classical and rock music, creating the genre known as “rock opera”?


A) Eric Clapton

B) Pete Townshend

C) Roger Waters

D) Freddie Mercury

Answer: C) Roger Waters

Question: What is the term for a gradual increase in tempo?


A) Accelerando

B) Ritardando

C) Adagio

D) Allegro

Answer: A) Accelerando

Question: In musical notation, what does a dotted half note represent?


A) 1 beat

B) 2 beats

C) 3 beats

D) 4 beats

Answer: C) 3 beats

Question: Which genre of music is characterized by its use of electronic instruments and synthesizers?


A) Classical

B) Jazz

C) Hip-hop

D) Electronic

Answer: D) Electronic

Question: Who composed the famous “Rhapsody in Blue,” blending classical and jazz elements?


A) George Gershwin

B) Duke Ellington

C) Cole Porter

D) Irving Berlin

Answer: A) George Gershwin.

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