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Past Questions and Answers

SS3 First Term Metal Work Past Questions And Answers

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SS3 First Term Metal Work Past Questions And Answers


Question: What is the primary purpose of annealing in metalwork?


A) Hardening

B) Softening

C) Corrosion resistance

D) Alloying

Answer: B) Softening

Question: Which metal is commonly used in the process of galvanization?


A) Aluminum

B) Zinc

C) Copper

D) Iron

Answer: B) Zinc

Question: What tool is specifically used for cutting external threads on a metal rod?


A) Chisel

B) Tap

C) Die

D) Hammer

Answer: C) Die

Question: In metalwork, what does the term “tempering” refer to?


A) Heating and cooling to increase hardness

B) Removing impurities

C) Shaping by hammering

D) Welding two metals together

Answer: A) Heating and cooling to increase hardness

Question: Which of the following is a non-ferrous metal?


A) Iron

B) Copper

C) Steel

D) Nickel

Answer: B) Copper

Question: What is the purpose of flux in soldering?


A) Increase hardness

B) Prevent oxidation

C) Enhance conductivity

D) Provide color

Answer: B) Prevent oxidation

Question: Which welding process uses a consumable electrode?


A) Gas welding

B) TIG welding

C) MIG welding

D) Arc welding

Answer: C) MIG welding

Question: What is the primary function of a ball peen hammer?


A) Cutting

B) Bending

C) Riveting

D) Shaping

Answer: C) Riveting

Question: What safety precaution is essential when using a grinding machine?


A) Ear protection

B) Bare hands

C) Loose clothing

D) Standing on one foot

Answer: A) Ear protection

Question: Which type of joint is commonly used in metalwork for joining two flat surfaces at a right angle?


A) Butt joint

B) Lap joint

C) T-joint

D) Corner joint

Answer: A) Butt joint

Question: What gas is commonly used in oxyacetylene welding?

A) Oxygen

B) Nitrogen

C) Hydrogen

D) Acetylene

Answer: D) Acetylene

Question: Which metal is known for its high resistance to corrosion and is often used for making cutlery?

A) Brass

B) Stainless steel

C) Aluminum

D) Bronze

Answer: B) Stainless steel

Question: What is the purpose of a center punch in metalwork?

A) Marking the center of a hole

B) Cutting metal sheets

C) Bending rods

D) Welding seams

Answer: A) Marking the center of a hole

Question: What is the primary use of a tap and die set?

A) Measuring thickness

B) Creating threads

C) Sharpening edges

D) Polishing surfaces

Answer: B) Creating threads

Question: Which metalworking process involves heating metal to a high temperature and then cooling it rapidly to increase hardness?

A) Tempering

B) Annealing

C) Quenching

D) Forging

Answer: C) Quenching

Question: What is the primary advantage of using TIG welding over MIG welding?

A) Faster welding speed

B) Greater precision

C) Lower cost

D) Less equipment required

Answer: B) Greater precision

Question: In metal casting, what is the purpose of a sprue?

A) Create a smooth finish

B) Remove impurities

C) Pour molten metal

D) Shape the mold

Answer: C) Pour molten metal

Question: Which type of file is commonly used for removing material quickly in metalwork?

A) Crosscut file

B) Flat file

C) Round file

D) Needle file

Answer: B) Flat file

Question: What is the main advantage of using stainless steel in metal fabrication?

A) High electrical conductivity

B) Resistance to corrosion

C) Low cost

D) Lightweight

Answer: B) Resistance to corrosion

Question: What safety equipment is crucial when using a welding machine?

A) Safety glasses

B) Leather gloves

C) Flip-flops

D) Earplugs

Answer: A) Safety glasses.

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