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Past Questions and Answers

SS3 First Term Creative Arts Past Questions And Answers

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SS3 First Term Creative Arts Past Questions And Answers


Here are 20 SS3 (Senior Secondary 3) First Term Creative Arts questions with options and answers:


Question: Who is considered the father of modern sculpture?


A. Michelangelo

B. Leonardo da Vinci

C. Pablo Picasso

D. Auguste Rodin

Answer: D. Auguste Rodin

Question: In which art movement did Surrealism originate?


A. Baroque

B. Renaissance

C. Romanticism

D. Dada

Answer: D. Dada

Question: Which of the following is a primary color in art?


A. Orange

B. Green

C. Red

D. Purple

Answer: C. Red

Question: Who painted the famous artwork “Starry Night”?


A. Vincent van Gogh

B. Claude Monet

C. Pablo Picasso

D. Leonardo da Vinci

Answer: A. Vincent van Gogh

Question: What is the term for a work of art made by attaching and combining various materials?


A. Collage

B. Sculpture

C. Mosaic

D. Fresco

Answer: A. Collage

Question: Which dance style originated in the Harlem neighborhood of New York City in the 1920s?


A. Salsa

B. Tango

C. Swing

D. Ballet

Answer: C. Swing

Question: Who is the author of the play “Romeo and Juliet”?


A. William Shakespeare

B. Jane Austen

C. Charles Dickens

D. Mark Twain

Answer: A. William Shakespeare

Question: What is the primary material used in creating a stained glass artwork?


A. Canvas

B. Glass

C. Wood

D. Metal

Answer: B. Glass

Question: Which art movement was characterized by geometric shapes and bold colors?


A. Abstract Expressionism

B. Cubism

C. Pop Art

D. Fauvism

Answer: D. Fauvism

Question: What is the main instrument used in traditional Japanese Noh theater music?


A. Shamisen

B. Taiko drum

C. Koto

D. Shakuhachi

Answer: A. Shamisen

Question: Who painted the “Mona Lisa”?


A. Pablo Picasso

B. Leonardo da Vinci

C. Vincent van Gogh

D. Michelangelo

Answer: B. Leonardo da Vinci

Question: What is the name of the traditional dance style from India?


A. Hula

B. Flamenco

C. Bharatanatyam

D. Samba

Answer: C. Bharatanatyam

Question: Which art movement emphasized spontaneous, automatic drawings?


A. Surrealism

B. Cubism

C. Impressionism

D. Realism

Answer: A. Surrealism

Question: Who composed the famous musical piece “The Nutcracker”?


A. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

B. Ludwig van Beethoven

C. Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky

D. Johann Sebastian Bach

Answer: C. Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky

Question: Which architectural style is characterized by pointed arches and ribbed vaults?


A. Gothic

B. Renaissance

C. Baroque

D. Neoclassical

Answer: A. Gothic

Question: What is the term for a poem with fourteen lines, typically in iambic pentameter?


A. Haiku

B. Sonnet

C. Limerick

D. Epic

Answer: B. Sonnet

Question: Who is known for his contributions to the Pop Art movement, including the artwork “Campbell’s Soup Cans”?


A. Jackson Pollock

B. Andy Warhol

C. Roy Lichtenstein

D. Piet Mondrian

Answer: B. Andy Warhol

Question: What is the term for a rapid, spontaneous painting technique often used in abstract expressionism?


A. Pointillism

B. Impasto

C. Glazing

D. Sfumato

Answer: B. Impasto

Question: Which of the following is a traditional Japanese theater form with elaborate costumes and masks?


A. Kabuki

B. Noh

C. Bunraku

D. Kyogen

Answer: A. Kabuki

Question: Who is the author of the famous play “The Importance of Being Earnest”?


A. Oscar Wilde

B. William Shakespeare

C. George Bernard Shaw

D. Henrik Ibsen

Answer: A. Oscar Wilde.

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